So Eliot’s front teeth have been sticking out for months now & we’ve just been waiting for them to loosen up. Well, last week we took off for our short walk to school & E bumped his own hand into his own mouth so hard that one of those front teeth started to bleed & really loosen up. We ran back into the house to clean up & see if it was ready. It wasn’t but we hung out for almost an hour making sure. By Sunday morning it had popped out on it’s own nice and gently. ahhhhhh. So nice. Now’s when you need to really pay attention…

Last night we’re having dinner, that I made! (rarity!) Having a fab time & Eliot gets up, playing with daddy (he’s sitting) & E’s spinning & being goofy. I think at some point he closed his eyes because he suddenly knocks his face into the dining room wall! I thought he had bumped his head & he turns around toothless! I look at the wall & in the fraction of a second I’m thinking- what is on the wall?? Food?? A chunk of wall?? NOPE! E’s tooth is stuck in the wall. I walk over in slow motion, he’s starting to bleed & oh my god it IS his tooth! He had gone smile first into the wall where he landed, got stuck, pulled his head away & left his baby tooth behind! He said it didn’t hurt but wow, it did scare him & he was pretty shaken up.

All I kept saying was that life is full of stories & this was going to be one that he loves to tell because it’s so funny & so strange! My sister in law said it sounded like something you’d watch in a movie & laugh & think, well that could Never actually happen! Well, it did & it was hilarious. & we hugged a lot.

This morning Eliot was very sleepy & happy with the cash from the tooth fairy & I said to him, “I’m surprised you didn’t get $100 for that crazy circus trick you did last night!” And he replies singing the circus music, “doot-doot-doodle-oodle oot doot do do”.