The weeks leading up to the Missoni launch at Target I had made my wish list & my plan. I knew it would be easy to go overboard so I had tapered it down to a few things I knew I would wear & love. You see I’ve always wanted a Missoni dress- an iconic Italian designer, the incredible beautiful knitwear, a timeless wear anywhere dress. But the price tag made my feet drag and I never had even tried on a Missoni dress! So when the big day arrived I set my alarm a little earlier & blurry-eyed I opened up my computer for some online shopping. But was down. Oh my goodness. Crashed. We- the Missoni-wanters crashed Target. I laughed, even half asleep at how absurd it was. I took a step back, went about my morning, checking every once in awhile… still down. I took Eliot to school & raced to Target. When there I found almost all of the Missoni gone, I still couldn’t give up. It’s SO weird but I think that at times like these there is some evolutionary hunting instinct that kicks in. People looked nutty. I felt like a loon on a mission. I tried what I could on as I watched women bartering for what was in each others carts. And then I went to three more Target stores. sigh. I didn’t say I was proud of this story, did I? At the last one I found an iphone, keys, a coffee & a clear plastic wallet with credit cards in it laying on the floor in the accessories department right next to the (shocking part!) Missoni display. I let a Target employee know & I watched her pick it up & bring these items to safety- I mean this woman would have to come back for the real essentials, right? And she did. I watched her as she walked in with her friend, in a panic & just knew it was her. I told her I had found her things, walked with her over to the woman who picked up her belongings & I wish I was joking when I say she suddenly was once again entranced by the Missoni & she floated on by the helpful Target woman all the way to the changing rooms where she and her friend asked this lady where her stuff was while they peeked through the Missoni!?! I quietly interjected & said, ummmm ladies? Pointing back from where we had just walked- the woman who has your things is over there- we just walked by her, I said. The one who lost her things finally snapping out of the shopping curse looks at me in the eyes & says “Thank you!” While her friend turns to me & I’m not even joking (trying to pick a fight) she says “I didn’t hear you say that! YOU didn’t say that!” ohhhhhhhkayyyyy. I turned around & left. The picture below is what I bought that day. In this case I am lucky I’m a shorty & was able to buy from the little girls Missoni line plus one lovely two sided towel.