…and I was made for you. ~ The Weepies.

I’ve been married for over 12 years & been wearing one ring or another given to me from the husband for almost 14 years. I’ve had a $20 ring on my ring finger, a vintage family heirloom diamond ring, a brand new platinum ring with two tiny diamonds & a big CZ (I don’t care for the diamond trade so a CZ fits my want for sparkle & my disdain for big diamonds big business!) & then for a long long time my ring finger has been naked! I couldn’t stand to wear that bulky twirling ring while I lifted weights, did yoga, or went running. What to do? The story continues! So a friend of mine got engaged earlier this summer- yippee! And lucky for me she’s extremely clever, loves to research beautiful things & has a fantastic blog where she wrote about rings. I showed husband the link & now I have three strong, delicate looking, handmade rings around my ring finger. One for me, one for husband & one for Eliot. They are precious to me. Here is my friend’s original post which also has the link to the etsy shop:


 Here are my 3 rings worn with my Tarina Tarantino heart & an Anthropologie dress. My rings never come off anymore!
And Vivienne Westwood for Melissa green shoes