New! New! New! Starting today I’m going to post my workouts! When I do cardio, yoga, run, work with a trainer and whatever else makes me sweat I will post it here as promptly as I can.

Last Tuesday I tore up my leg and I’ve been laying low ever since. And I must say that I’ve been very very lucky in the injury department overall. I’ve been working out consistently for nearly six years and I can only think of three times when I’ve over done it and haven’t listened to my body to take a break so I could prevent a longer break ;). Happily (although not discomfort free yet) yesterday I did yoga for the first time in over a week on with Kathryn Budig and did a bit of strengthening with 5 pound dumbbells.  But today is when I’ll start with the details! SO without further adieu here’s my workout for 11/1:

Duration: 20 minutes

Intervals: 1st interval- running up a set of 12 stairs ten times. Each time I go up counts as one rep = 120 stairs in total for each interval.

2nd interval- 5 knee raises (I used my kitchen counters but something like a dip station would be more ideal.) 5 pushups.

repeat stairs

repeat 2nd interval adding 50 plie squats.

repeat stairs

repeat 2nd interval adding 20 squats

Next! This video by Tracy Anderson for arm work: and followed by this one for abs.

Last! Finished off with 10 pushups and 10 plank twists.


Smoothie time! I made a drink with homemade almond-cashew milk, acai, Udo’s oil 3.6.9 blend, Vega chocolate powder, bananas and cacao. It’s vital to refuel within 30 minutes of exercising. Something easy to digest, energizing and nutritious to rebuild your beautiful bod! XOXOXOXOXO