This is story about a family with a little boy who wants a puppy. Not even a puppy, any pet. But Mom is allergic to loads of furry creatures. A couple of years ago the mom’s cousin had a dog that she had to find a home for. The dog stayed for a week at their house. The dog growled at the little boy and followed his mom around. The three year old dog would dump his food if she left the house for an hour. This dog was not the right one for the family (they did find him a good home though!). The family travels a lot and decided to put pet-hood on hold. Fast forward to now. Now was finally the right time for a family pet, or so she thought. The mom researched loads of animal rescue sites and when they raced to adopt a 4 month old puppy there were already three families ahead of them. The little boy was very sad. Mom continued the search. She found a puppy named Puddy. A nine month old terrier mutt, not even 7 pounds. Adorable. The boy and his mama went out on a rainy dark night to meet him. The mom had a terrible gut feeling but went anyway. When they got there they saw Puddy was indeed tiny, adorable, smart and extremely sweet. He cuddled, played, came when called and more. Mom was scared, boy was trying not to get too excited. The kind adoption lady was very aware of the mom’s fears so she kindly offered for them to take Puddy home for the night. Well, the mom thought this idea was lovely, she gratefully agreed to the overnight terms and they were off into the now clear dark night. Puddy was a little nervous but fell asleep in the car on the boy’s lap. When they got home they introduced Puddy to Dad played, all ate together and said goodnight. Mom was up with Puddy until after midnight. First peeing, then switching around where he wanted his little bed. At 1:30am she got up to use the bathroom and Puddy was resting on the clean laundry at the foot of her bed. She coaxed him back to his own bed and everyone went back to sleep. At 4am Mom’s allergies acted up, a little sneezing and a sore throat. She knew she had to make a decision in the morning and needed sleep. The boy was up early to play with Puddy. Puddy jumped out of bed and onto the boy’s bed as soon as his door opened. She knew they couldn’t keep him because Dad also woke up with allergies. She watched her son trying to get Puddy to watch Saturday morning tv and Puddy wanted to play fetch. The boy gave in, giggling and running through the house with the pup. At breakfast around the table the mother and son talked about all the great things about having a pet and all the not so great things. There was sadness once the boy understood that they couldn’t have Puddy move in permanently if it made Mom and Dad feel sick, this particular little boy is amazing with his big, open heart. Mom took the pup back to the adoption lady. Mom said goodbye to Puddy and wished him a wonderful life. It’s been five days and Mom is still heartbroken.


So, this story is obviously about us but I’m too torn up to tell it in the first person. I fell in love with this dog. He’s so special and we just can’t have any furry-loves in our house. We learned the hard way. And I also want to say that this experience has gone deep into my vegan heart, having fallen in love with Puddy I seriously can NOT believe anyone who says that they love animals can still eat them!?! These beautiful, big, loving souls of ours come in all sorts of sizes and packages. Go vegan. Live compassionately.