For 2012 my resolutions, intentions and goals are as follows in no particular order:

Wear more hats.

Clean out my closet.

90 minutes of yoga every day.

Continue working out with Ed Bauer at Plantfit.

Travel to California, Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York and more. And maybe not a Europe trip this year but plan one for 2013.

Be a better listener.

Work to have the body I dream of!

Relish my time with husband and Eliot.


Try an ariel gymnastics class.

Be a personal trainer to more of my friends.

Say yes more.

Box with my new pink boxing gloves.

Road trip to Seattle, La Conner and Victoria, BC (and visit Sarah’s Place) with husband & Eliot.

Do one home improvement project.

Run one race.

Drink lots of juice from Sip!

Have friends over!

Have a one year birthday purple house warming party! Finally!

Keep blogging.

Take better outfit photos!

Keep pushing my fashion boundaries (wait, do I have any boundaries?)

Be involved (aka Charlie Brown)!

Reach out!


Happy New Year!

p.s. I couldn’t stay away so I’m returning to blogging earlier than I had planned! XO