Yoga has changed me. And I’ve changed because of time spent doing yoga.

I noticed recently that I worry a bit less.

I am less tolerant of bullshit. My own and other people’s.

My body is stronger.

I laugh when I make any kind of mistake instead of beating myself up.

When life requires patience and there’s a part of me that wants to *maybe* punch a nasty attitude coming out of myself or someone else I can breathe through it.

Warrior poses still challenge my legs, my arms, my brain.

When I land crow I’m an excited little bird but when I can’t I try again or say, not today.

When I’m in wheel I can stay a little longer.

Shoulder stand and plow, I love to be in them.

I have lists in my head of poses to try and poses to keep trying at.

I have simple meditations that I love.

I feel yoga everywhere and am grateful for my body.


And speaking of gratitude! We’re in Hawaii this week so I won’t be blogging my workouts but I’m planning on lots of beachside yoga and sandy running.