1. I don’t mind if I don’t have a pillow to sleep on.

2. While living in California I was on tv a few times.

3. I had a dream about Eliot just before I learned I was pregnant.

4. Often my dreams come true. Like I’ll have a dream of a person or place or something happening and then it will be true in my waking life.

5. I once ate only raw food for 30 days.

6. I gave birth without pain meds in a hospital.

7. I’ve met Tori Amos twice.

8. One of my close childhood friends drowned when she was twenty years old. I grew up swimming in the Puget Sound with her all summer long when we were young.

9. My mother’s intuition for Eliot is very strong. And he can frequently read my mind as well.

10. Eliot asked me last night if anyone has ever climbed a tree and kissed and I had to answer, yes. Because I have.