Maybe it was because I just had my birthday or maybe it’s because things are finally a little more quiet in our lives but I started to recently reflect (with amazement) on the last year and a half of our lives. When I said this out loud to Eliot and husband, I’m not kidding, Eliot flopped down on his back and said,  “Oh it makes me dizzy. Sad. Bad. Good. I don’t want to talk about it, it makes me dizzy.” So husband and I started listing all the events while Eliot, I think, tuned us out.

1. Went to Maui and Lanai.

2. Evicted from our house.

3. Moved 99% of our belongings into storage.

4. Drove to California and moved into my in law’s guesthouse.

5. Husband went to the White House twice.

6. Went to Barcelona, Spain.

7. Went through a severe illness with a very close family member.

8. Watched him recover.

9. Found a house we loved online.

10. All 3 of us came down with an awful flu.

11. Bought our dreamy purple house.

12. Moved back to Portland.

13. Went to New York.

14. Went to the Big Island.

15. E was home schooled for first grade.

16. E started public school for second grade.

17. Went to Mammoth (where E got pneumonia for the second time).

18. I went on my first vacation without husband & E. Wanderlust was SO fun.

19. Marriages close to us ended.

20. Siblings and cousins got engaged.

21. Went to Las Vegas.

22. Went to Disneyland- as much as we could.

23. I started a more devoted yoga practice.

24. Went through a major lawsuit.

25. We sold a lot of our stuff.

26. And of course, so much more. Big and little. Sad and happy. Good and bad. Wow, life. Grateful.