Your hot pink fifth flower

How dare you ignore her

From your first sun in the desert

Milk your goat without seeing her

Eat your memories

Sing to your false sky

Your heart probably beats even faster when questions of your children arise

There are so many rooms with doors to close,

Holes to swing at

Roses and diamonds to receive

And a quiet peace hard to feel

When there’s nothing but boulders under your feet

Skyscraper chocolate cakes

But you never held her up

Narrow shoes

A lake

My crying son

A red coat

You couldn’t make them better

Although you pounded on the windows

You broke glass and spilled the water

You ate an apple and paid for airplanes

Your trust has been lost in the years

Now you know she never had it

For herself

Now you know she never had it

For herself

Now you know she never had it

For herself

So when she dreams back

To a small girl in the winter

With silly oversized gloves on her feet

She’ll only think of the rewritten history

There will be pain and yelling

There will be a green leather chair

There will be forgotten Easter baskets and a lot of fear

Thirty years on

You’ll be amazed at the colors in the sky over the driest earth

Hot pinks and blues blazing to warm orange on your skin

And you won’t give a second thought

Of being without them.