Kids race cars as their mamas drive

Experiences become memories so quick

Just try to figure me out

I’d walk straight into the sun if I could

Bring you all back

New town optimism

Dirt roads hook me in

I wanted to take photos yesterday and show the world you

but stopped myself and now it’s darkness

The horror of this moment

Captain says

Hold hands

Close your eyes

And run

Screams went to whimpers

went to tears

went to waiting

I shake with my breath

Feeling love’s pain

Agony beyond a nightmare

Beyond understanding

Because your life should be magic

Stardust fall

cooling into winter snow

Full of presents,

Sugar cookies

and snuggles

Over one hundred




dropping sand in once safely pasted construction paper places

Exploding your wishes into pieces

Fear is on your feet

Fear glitters around your ears

Look anywhere else but at the blood

Look everywhere to save your child

I’ll be calling out to you

in my half asleep life

until I die