Who remains unharmed

With the food that’s dead

and killing you?

I can’t be and won’t be replaced

Will you?

People dine in mortuaries

You’re the gatekeeper

Cemetery body

Fleshy body

Protruding stomach

Guts stretched thin to pop

Heart pumping

extra! extra! extra!

Trying to keep up with the poison

you call food

Sweaty forehead

Salivating tongue


and your eyes, blood, skin

run out of room

Fresh meat

no no no

Dead flesh

rotten flesh

Decomposing in you

Bile and waste of

A cow

A horse

A fish

A pig

A hen

A duck

becomes your waste and your waist

Your hair is falling out

Your hands shake

You can’t feel or see your feet

Your body works so hard it can’t sleep

Are you in your body?

Feel yourself for once


Feel beyond yourself