The 8 hour diet just wasn’t for me and that’s okay! I have enjoyed coffee and will continue to drink it on occasion- that’s one of the biggest takeaways along with my love for breakfast (I’ve missssssed breakfast!)! I could NOT go until April 30th waiting to eat food everyday at my self induced scheduled time of 11am! And then my Plantfit (crossfit) class was at noon. I was doing and feeling fine for the most part but as the days went on I was simply enjoying the schedule less and less. If life’s not enjoyed you have nothing. Cutting off eating time by 7pm with an 8 year old and a husband with their own schedules and needs added to the challenge.

So there you are 16/8, the 8 hour diet, intermittent fasting – whatever you want to call it is not for me. Weight loss, tightening up (in a good way 😉 ) and all are not worth it. Plus I’ve been on the fence about fasting for awhile. To each their own- I like to do it maybe once a month for 24 hours and I usually do a juice-smoothie-water fast and I feel fantastic.

I’ll always be experimenting and playing with my food, I have yet to write about Ani Phyo’s Fat Blast which was one of my favorites!

Much love, Moving bodies and Mindful eating!