What? You love a good what I ate post? That’s so awesome because that’s what this is! OMG!

B- Little bit of cold brew Stumptown coffee in a cute bottle from Food Fight! with a bowl of instant organic oatmeal by Nature’s Path to which I add dark chocolate, chia seeds, rolled oats, a banana and frozen cherries. This keeps me full for almost 3 hours which is pretty miraculous so I eat it often.

S- Today I tried a little noni energy drink also found at Food Fight! with some blueberries and a square of dark chocolate.

Workout time! Ran one mile to the gym, one hour class and ran one mile home (or more like a jog, it’s hot here at the moment!).

L- Plant Fusion Phood Shake (from Food Fight!- again!) blended with cold green tea, spinach and frozen bananas. While I drank that I made some edamame with pink salt for after my shower. I’m only so hungry after a strenuous workout.

S- carrots and white bean hummus from Living Harvest with some Kevita.

D- white beans and steamed spinach in the most amazing vegan vodka sauce ever. Found at Food Fight! where else??

Dessert- an almond strawberry gluten free vegan whoopie pie from Back to Eden.