In no particular order here are things I own, have bought for others and/or desire to be mine. Enjoy!

Two of my current favorites from Herbivore Clothing Company that I wear all the time: Love Life hoodie & Herbivore with heart eco fleece sweatshirt both cozy to the max. And during the summer time this good luck elephant tank is in constant rotation. On my personal list is this heart necklace & these spoon straws (how do I not own these spoon straw already!?! My life is incomplete)! And of course Herbivore has a giant book collection and I’m most curious about 365 Smoothies by Kathy Patalsky and Vegan Chocolate by Fran Costigan because duh- do you know me? 😉

I’m obsessed with boots and I grabbed these on sale from Cri de Coeur a bit ago but they are worth every penny full price!  And these Moto boots! Are you kidding me? These Rampage boots on Amazon are so comfortable! My sis in law had them and I quickly copied her. Please note that the patent ones are leather- go with the smooth option for your vegan boots!

I love so much that One Lucky Duck makes that this is tricky to pick a couple so I’ll go with the yummy crispies cereal  & pumpkin seed parmesan. Almond milk & berries with the crispies is divine, I can also be found eating them like chips and they’re even a great addition to smoothies! The parmesan is just mind-blowing. I put it on salads, pasta, potatoes, or eat it straight out of the box!

Vaute Couture is so so so very very pretty! Dresses, coats, accessories all made in America. On my personal list: this bow hat & heart dress & black jumper & forest jumper & I know I have a problem because I could go on and on.

The gym is my second home so I have new fitness pants and sneakers on my list by Onzie and Asics. Stretchy pants and shoes to jump in for everyone, yes! Onzie capris in crazy patterns and Asics vegan kicks in black & gold. *fingers crossed*

Gratitude tank and Gratitude pullover from Spiritual Gangster are high on my list because Gratitude is a favorite word and their clothes are adorable.

Chocolate? Yes. Every. Day. Nicobella truffles in a sampler box? Good idea. Food Fight has some holiday bars by Theo that are SO great so go there if you’re in Portland or order stuff on line! Like this shirt or this adorable calendar by Nicole Georges or (returning to chocolate again) this amazing protein powder called Phood from Plant Fusion (and basically you can’t go wrong with Plant Fusion- all flavors are so good!), and who doesn’t like hot sauce? This hot maple smokey habanero sauce wins. Food Fight has peanut brittle, caramel popcorn, fresh produce, soy curls, marshmallows, chips, jerky, mac n cheese, gravy mix, cake mixes, lots of gluten free options, tote bags, hats and so much more. And I think they have the best business name in the universe, right? Food Fight! Seriously. I. Love. Them.

Do you want to smell like a vanilla ice cream cake? Well I really really do. And that’s why I love this lotion by 100% Pure and I’d like to order a truck load. And this coffee bean eye cream also by 100% Pure de-puffs my peepers each morning.

How about a gift that keeps on giving? Vegan Cuts has a monthly subscription beauty box and snack box that are lovely and delicious. Personally, I already subscribe to the beauty box but I’d love the special New York for the holidays gift pack! Also from Vegan Cuts I love Cocomama Quinoa Cereal , 22 Days bars and Purefit bars.

Everyone can have fun on a mini trampoline! Except my pup Sofie, she’s scared of it.

Magic Surrounds, this is a banner I have hanging in our house and everyone asks me about it. $10. There you go!

My friend, Emily Winfield Martin just released a beautiful new nighttime book called Dream Animals that would be a lovely gift for a little one.

Melissa plastic dreams spiked ballet flats that smell like candy. YES.  YES. YES.

One year I went all around Portland to my husband’s favorite places to eat and bought him all their t-shirts. He loved it and some became favorites and I need to buy them again!

I used to burn candles all the time and then realizing how unhealthy they could be I stopped, until I found Rendezvous Soy Candles. I bought mine at Porch Light in the Pearl District here in Portland but I can’t seem to find them on their online storefront -poop! Let me tell you they’re worth searching for! I dumped the hot wax from this soy candle all over me and it didn’t ruin my clothes or hurt me- it felt like lotion. I was stunned. I’m not recommending you do this! ha!

How Now Brown Cacao cream will leave you smelling like chocolate and your skin dreamy.

Mystic Medusa is my go to for everything astrology. She writes and mixes horoscopes, myths, pop culture and politics all (in my opinion a Tom Robbins vein). I love her. You can give a gift subscription to the curious in your life. And the art and quotes she posts are so on point.

I really love anything and everything from Prairie Underground. Their jackets, dresses and legging-ish jeans are perfection but sadly hard to find! They sell out fast but if you get lucky (like I have) and maybe score some pieces second hand or at a sample sale definitely go for it! Personal favorite: these denim girdle leggings in ink pot.

Hearts that sparkle? I can wear it on my clothes or in my hair? Don’t judge me, you knew what you were in for when you read this list. Adorable headbands too.

Berkley Illustration owned and operated by Ryan & Lucy Berkley is so good that if you haven’t heard of them I’m just going to direct you immediately to this kitten portrait. You’re so very welcome. Now you can go swoon at all those gorgeous animal portraits and buy all their things on Etsy.

Maybe this should just be called my favorite things, but anyways the most important gifts all year round are to be a good listener, to be awesome at being grateful, be loving, feel loved like a champ, patience, and kindness. Love you. Happy Holidays!