I posted this on facebook, thought I’d bring it here to expand a little more. Seven things you may not know about me.

1. Once I ran through a graveyard at night -naked.

Probably should stop that story here. It was pretty innocent, actually and as respectful as an experience could be while naked in a graveyard.

2. I often have dreams that come true about people who are dead or alive and who I may or not know.

This started at a very young age for me. At six years old I dreamt of a recently deceased family member and she came to tell me a few things which came true. My dreams are filled with people I know and about strangers, I get little visions and symbols in my dreams that usually come to pass shortly afterwards.

3. I collect dresses. I have about 300.

I love clothes and I’ve been collecting dresses for years. Some I don’t wear, some I’m set to give away but I have over 200 in rotation. Funny thing, as I get older and want to be a more ethical shopper my choices are slimmer, so that’s probably a good thing! 🙂

4. I love art. As a kid I thought I’d be an artist, own a gallery and a store, choreograph dance, have parties with artists. Strange for an introvert. But stranger still is we have good friends who do own a gallery similar to the one I dreamt of as a kid and we do have XOXO, both have opened doors to conversations with artists I would have never known!

Grateful for all of the above! What can I say?

5. If we’re close friends now or have been in the past you should know I crazy love you, think you’re beautiful and only wish the best for you. I’m obsessive in the best way. 

Truth. I love big and forever.

6. I could eat dessert for every meal.

And I practically try to. I often melt dark chocolate into my oatmeal in the morning, frozen bananas and sweetness in my green smoothies with Plant Fusion Phood chocolate caramel protein powder, and dinner- I guess I keep that savory. ❤

7. Being vegan defines almost every action I take. I probably think about veganism as much as a teenage boy thinks about sex.

Cheeky statement above aside, being vegan truly is my compassionate view of the world. I am no better than any other being. Love for all.