When Vegan Cuts announced their Beauty Box this summer I read it on twitter first thing in the morning and literally jumped out of bed to subscribe! So let me tell you about this treasure box that comes to your door once a month for $19.95 (with at least a $40 value- what!?!).

♥ Fact: something in this box will become your new favorite go-to product. A big standout for me is Relogy. Their targeted acne spot treatment is so fantastic that I’ll definitely be purchasing it again when I run out of my FULL SIZE sample that was in the beauty box!!

♥ I’ve tried lotions I never would have tried because maybe I thought citrus scented wasn’t for me but oh my the lotion is so creamy and wonderful and perfect that yes I want more and I’d buy it for loved ones!

♥ Some things I know are adorable but won’t use I’ve passed on to friends and guess what, they totally love me even more now.

♥  A lovely postcard is in each box listing what’s included- adorable!

♥ For me, November’s shining star is Medusa’s Makeup – a gorgeous, super fine glitter combo foundation, shimmer and blush in Healthy (psst- Vegan Cuts, if you can carry all the colors I think I’d buy them all because I’m in love)!

♥ Guaranteed no animals harmed, the best of the best makeup, nail polish, lotion, hair care, deodorant, skin care, lip balm (omg I got a peanut butter one from my first beauty box by Fanciful Fox that I love!), and more. The gift that keeps on giving!

Go vegan on your beautiful body!


p.s. Vegan Cuts also has the best customer service because for November they sent me the Beauty Box for my subscription plus a bonus one to review! So I passed the love onto my girlfriends to enjoy my extras! xxxxxxoooooo