One. Get my upper back tattoo covered with something new.

Two. Read twelve books.

Three. Project #upsidedown2014- doing an inversion pose and posting it to instagram every single day (or most days, we’ll see).

Four. An exercise set of 100 every day which change each month but can be repeated. For example January is squats, I’m doing 100 squats everyday for 31 days. February will be lunges, March push-ups and so on.

Five. Meditate for at least two minutes each day. I’m looking forward to increasing this and feeling out the results.

Six. Finish and put out my book. I’ve been quietly working on a book since early summer last year.

Seven. Friends. Be a good one, have good ones.

Eight. Travel. Outside, inside, where I live, over oceans.

Nine. Love. All the vegan food. All the fitness. All the yoga. All the family. All the everything.

Ten. Passion.  With all I am and do.


♥ Ami