All The Boys

One told me he loved me in a note he put on my car in the middle of the night

One asked me to marry him

One told me I’d make a great stripper because I’d appeal to pedophiles

One called me a sexual dynamo (I was still a virgin)

One ran with me naked through a graveyard

One said I was fat

One wanted to change how I dressed

One I had just met pleaded for hours for sex with me

One pushed my head down so hard that I pushed back

One wouldn’t stop teasing me so I kicked him just once in the shin and made him bleed

One tried to pull me away from my friends

One locked me in a shed and when he put his face to the glass window to taunt me I smashed through it with one punch, glass shattering and tearing my hand apart, he let me out

One drew me pictures

One wrote me poems

One cheated on me

One I cheated on

One confided in me

One listened

One carried me away from a car wreck

One showed me self worth

One groped me as a child while coaching my gymnastics team

One threatened me

One was fired after sexually harassing me

One I accused of cheating on me because I was insecure

One told me through a friend that I wasn’t good enough for him

One I thought was too good for me

One only talked about himself

One never asked any questions

One was a dream

One I kissed under the stars and then he fucked my friend

One wanted me to have five of his babies

One paced outside of my apartment

One moved away

One was far away

One I just liked to kiss

One broke my heart

One could’ve ruined everything

One married me