*He grabs the rose quartz crystal from my desk, squeezes it in is hands, looks at me and says I love you, gives me a kiss, sets it back down and runs away.

*He asks why people on the internet forget that there are actual people on the other side of the games he’s playing.

*He asks about animal rights.

*He challenges and pushes me.

*He sleeps ten hours a night, falling asleep to the light of a moon that hangs in his room and he controls by remote.

*He claps his hands in the morning to turn on his clock and then yells for me. He never gets out of bed without one of us coming to the door. Which is usually followed by giant hugs, talks about dreams or a simple proclamation: I’m hungry.

*He loves our Sofie pup.

*Most of the time he likes homeschooling. He’s too hard on himself so we talk about that. He loves to read and do math.

*His heart is brilliant, empathic, open, fun, silly, warm, and wise.