At Ten

Ten years on


tiny bits of sleep

tiny kick feet

tiny voice

I’m obsessed with death

When will his light pop off?

I watch him from the negative shape

horses legs create

He traveled to the tree lightening made

a dark place can be reached by climbing high

then inside

where the strange lovely amphibians live

in black water they disappear to breathe

They’ll never be seen by the wild dogs

in this field of grassy swamp stars

Near your tears and your branded arm

that reads: ugly

I ache for the memories you tell us

your mouth barely moves your words

your hands run through your stubbled hair

Moments before you witnessed our friendship

So you dove in

to your most vulnerable place

I wish for you to come home to the kisses you want

For the safest hugs

for the life that makes you giggle and grow

Overwhelmed because sometimes it’s so hard to get

to those soft places

Spirit farming for gold

bright shiny unreachable fields

To plow new