That green grass

looks like a soft deep breath


you’ve got the poetry

of an orange car

In a good way

wearing lollipop red rubber boots in the mud

even though it hasn’t rained in two days

Pass the neon hotel

it looks like a movie murder scene

Cartoon cat and the woman in the painting

both stare you down at the bar

Just get your white flower drink

and get out

Immortalized in hot pink graffiti?

Say thanks and drive away

Who’s got your mail?

Who didn’t take out the trash?

Petals fall like snow here

in the spring

at night

round the trees up

by the street lights

Are you stuck on the in or outside?

So many blue walls,

   blue skies,

       blue bridges,

           blue cars,

brown cats

in Portland.

Hang the globe lights in dirty rafters

We’ll ignore it

it’ll become beautiful



      I saw you in a shadow

and then a mirror

Goats have a new opportunity to crowd fund


it takes community (and snuggles)

to be loved

by a pleasant cat

in a simple window

with unreasonable poles stuck

in the ocean

Where are the arrows?

Where can I find the number 8?

My snowman didn’t so much melt

rather he sunk into the ground

mid-February and we miss him


icicles are so sneaky

they don’t want you to question

how dangerous  they are.

Messy writing of ‘love’ on the neighbors front door

careful COFFEE painted on wood

hold onto the yellow railings

or just sit down

as not to block

my heart shaped brain because

there are peaceful pools in Texas

I’ve never seen before

who’ll choose a dollhouse

over pounds of citrus?

Sunshine girl with vintage luggage?





Moss won’t cover my steps!

I dreamt of a stippled automobile

a black crow

and a safe place to type

all about photographs.