Lemon Sunlight

He loves green

he loves warm sand

on his feet

he no longer likes dragons

She stepped over the sunlight

feeling sad for


she reaches and pulls

reach pull

reach pull

Because in the desert you forgot

your tone is fake smiles,


glitters in

shimmering pink poolside umbrellas

Her face


she scratches

she burns

And she dances

because she knows how lucky she is

Can it be turned upside down





this truth

it finds it’s way out

on the phone

or in a hospital

while death ticks off time

in a nurses well charted notes

She dares you to look in the mirror

and be the impatient lion

stare her down

roar from your toes

stand in that

and share

give it to yourself

What is this kingdom built upon?

Her desperation

is no surprise

once you know

her mom doesn’t like her

She delivered your box of lemons

without stealing a one.