How about a list of 10 maybe weird or strange things that you love that you think are maybe strange and weird but other people probably maybe like them too.
(And if you make your list, please tag me so I can see them.)
1. I love large wrist watches. I don’t have one right now, and that’s okay, but I’d like one.
2. I could eat frosting every day with a little bit of cake.
3. I love lavender in food.
4. I love rose in food.
5. I adore balloons and party decor in the house all the time.
6. I love being quiet and staring at water- lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans- whatever. For hours on end.
7. I love wearing bathing suits and one day I dream of living in a place I can wear bathing suits in the sunshine most every day.
8. I adore murals and public art of mostly all kinds.
9. I love buying and wearing ridiculous dresses for no reason at all.
10. I love heart shaped everything and anything.