A car hit my car while I was driving one year and two weeks ago.

I haven’t been the same since in so many ways. From brain troubles to body pains. So many appointments with doctors. The eye doctor appointments were especially unnerving.

The experience has been very painful, changed my everyday life, and has changed my body- I know this because my clothes fit differently.

I haven’t done any Olympic lifts in over a year. I don’t run. I’m really careful with push-ups. I don’t push anything over my head. I tried that while I was trying to get back to the gym last fall and it only continued to aggravate my left shoulder pain. For some reason I could still do pull-ups and I love pull-ups so I was grateful for that pre-Covid 19. I haven’t done pull-ups now in all of these months because I’m not going back to the gym.

The moment that car slammed into my car I felt my body jolt in this awful way. I was in shock and by the time I got home, maybe 25 minutes after impact the pain started in my feet. And my head, the headaches started. All last summer. Every day headaches. Every day hard to sleep. Every day I felt like I didn’t know myself. I was finally diagnosed with a concussion officially on July 5th.

When I think of last summer I feel like a sad ghost.

The man who hit me had a moment in his car and he handled it aggressively and it changed my life.

I haven’t been out too much since March 14th, but when I am out I see and have experienced people driving too fast, with aggression, with spaciness. And I get it, we’re all really really going through a lot.

So please breathe, pay attention, maybe slow down, maybe look a few extra times. And take care of yourself and all of us. And wear masks.