There’ll be no blood

for the work that wasn’t seen

It’s gratitude and a toast in your honor

It’s precious

 It’s a snapshot

Men kill for every reason

Only sometimes apologizing later

Umbrella thoughts

Protection needs waterproof boots

And I need you and nothing 

If the mother is the enemy

it’s only the prison of the patriarchy

How much love is there without acknowledging she struggles?

She loves as deeply as you could imagine

From the moons we can’t see and back again

But the ladder is long to the farthest moon

and the climb hurts, 

her hands are sticky 

We could wait forever 

Or chose to give it to the bees

And to ourselves

Grieve for your child

Grieve for her child

Where will you be safe?

Darling, are any of these boats safe? 

No one has left, 

the gallery walls are full

and singing

in my dreams