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CW for body talk.

On Sunday, October 13th a trainer that I follow on Instagram, Bret “Glute Guy” Contreras posted a 5 days a week training schedule- it was short and sweet and would help direct and focus my time in the gym so I decided to commit to it for 4 weeks. Below is my strength progress at the start and at the finish, mostly for my own records, but just in case it’s useful or interesting to anyone else I wanted to share it!

Also of note, I was in a car accident in June this year and I had to avoid weights for over three months while going to the doctor three times a week. This was hard for me, as it would be for anyone, but I had been doing Crossfit for about eight years usually 5 to 6 days a week so this impacted my whole self. I wanted and needed my reentry to the gym to be very careful so I’ve listened to everything my chiropractor has told me to do and not to do. I’m so so happy and appreciative to my friends at the gyms, at the doctors, in real life and online for all of the support. I’m so grateful to be feeing my muscles in a happy way again. So here we go.

Week one began Monday, October 14th and week four ended on Friday, November 8th.

Height 4’11” Weight 106 lbs

Back Squat: 3×5 start 90 lbs to 120 lbs.

Weighted Chin-ups: 3×5 0 lbs to 10 lbs.

Deadlifts: 3×5 125 lbs to 155 lbs.

Dumbbell Rows: 3×12 & 3×8 15 lbs to 35 lbs.

Hip Thrusts: 3×10 & 3×5 135 lbs to 235 lbs.

Military Press/Push Press: 3×8 & 3X5: 50-65 lbs varying.

Chin-ups: 3x AMRAP: 6 to 9 reps.

Bench Press: 3×8 & 3×5 65 lbs to 85 lbs.

Dumbbell Bench Press: 3×10 15 lbs to 30 lbs.

“I think what I hope that they will personally like are the love stories in it, because I do believe in love, though I don’t like to use the word. The fundamental message of the book is just about love, really. But it’s also about time. It’s the fact that our lives are very short. I don’t believe in death. I think death’s a terrible thing. I don’t accept it, and we all have to fall away. What could we do knowing that life is going to end at some point? That’s the beauty of love. It goes to the end. Once we’re gone, we’re going to forget that we have loved people. That’s the worst of it. Not that people will forget us, that we won’t have a memory of anything. We won’t even have dreams to remember anything. Those are terrible things.”- Andre Aciman on Find Me

Portland is filled with great coffee, food, and beauty. Here are some of my favorites. DM me with any questions. And I really hope you have an amazing time in Portland and magical experiences at XO!

Food Coffee Smoothies:

SE: Dinger’s Deli, Rudy’s Pizza, The Sweet Hereafter, Maruti, Fermenter, Kati Thai, Best Friend, Virtuous Pie, Kure, Aviv, Canteen, Pokemon, Nostrana, Pyro Pizza, Food Fight

NE : The Bye & Bye, Sudra

SW: Ichiza, Departure

NW: Deadstock

Shopping: Herbivore (SE), Tender Loving Empire (multiple locations including the airport!), Powell’s (NW), Lisa Congdon Art & Illustration Shop (N), Unspoken (NW), Outlet (NE), Olo (SE), Palace (E), Seven Sisters (E), Little Otsu (SE)

Walks: N Mississippi Avenue, SE Hawthorne Boulevard, E & W Waterfront including the Hawthorne Bridge, SE Mt. Tabor Park, SE Laurelhurst Park

PS If you want to buy You Think You Know Me it’s available in Portland at Powell’s, Herbivore, Guardian Games, Land, Tender Loving Empire (downtown & airport locations), and Red Castle! (((Or you can buy it directly from me and I’ll probably cut you a sweet deal.)))  Thank you! xoxoxoxoxo!

Why are you mad that I don’t fall

over the size of an orange

an orange

an orange

Is gonna stick with me

You don’t need to see my bruises

the shape and color my skin makes

under the pressure of snakes

I think about tugboats- how strong they are

and then I wonder if you’ll look younger after he dies.

In my mind you were stretched out like dough, I was too- I had done it to myself. already.

You generously brought the armored fox and pink eyes. Gold. soft and tired.

We didn’t bounce, we pulled- it didn’t hurt (I think we both didn’t want it to hurt anymore.)

I wore camouflage, but not to hide.

We bent time, shared raspberries, filled our space. without long limbs, it wasn’t enough (it couldn’t be) the most and only break was in the goodbye.


He said, “Honey, I’m so sorry but we can’t fight this.”

Across the street from this place in 1978 there was a little moment of paradise

a new cherry tree and a silly baby wearing her father’s leather gloves as slippers

There were once ocean dreams

rising over thoughtful flower gardens

But the hazardous body

does what the body wants and

a slow smoke had entered to stay.


He said, “Honey, you’re not going to make it out of here.”

She was soft

She was stalling

She definitively ordered,

“Resolve All Issues.”

She’s grey

with blue light

pulsing every last bit of life

around her final room

We feel our own floating feet

see her clear eyes

trapped under a breathing machine

She only wants a cold icy drink

and peace for the people she’s leaving

Give her what you can

Give her what you can

Why do you want to sit with me

In the rain

On the Fourth of July

And tell me I’m wonderful

ask questions about my life

and my heart

With a barely there fire

fireworks too soggy to light

You’re the first man I trust

You listen and make me feel that maybe

I’ll be alright

Under dark dripping trees

voices echo across the holiday lake

So why do you get angry over matching shirts

during a European summer

I was lead to believe we were close

That we could be lost together in ancient ruins in northern Spain

It’s no longer like the Fourth of July