Twin engines


By your tattle tails

I revisit

I don’t linger

All I know now

Brings a smirk

And some decent


That the board game



Blue chalked sidewalk 

Dull knife pierces 

a shiny red heart shaped balloon 

Hello, rain 

Dropping leaves dripping

Overgrown bangs

Cold hands 

I’m inside the iced covered pond 

She wasn’t born on Valentine’s Day 

She was a cheerleader


not at the right time

little pigeon 

Three little pigeons 

She took great care 

Home covered in snow 

surrounded by tigers with star halos 

I can’t misuse Pedro’s magic 

And forget where the fireflies sleep 

Wednesday’s are for the beach 
Sunday’s for ice cream 

Did you see the smiling moon, 

sister mother, 

mother sister 

So much power 

In snow whites hair 

Everything is in my imagination, little mouse 

Sorry you’re uncomfortable 

sorry we’re not accommodating 

sorry you’re suffocating 

Recycle your soul

Hold on black swan, 

hold on 

She traces the lens 

Repeating what if

What if 

What if 

I’m gonna borrow her voice 


She never imagined she’d bury him

five days after her birthday 

Forget and fly 

How many bad calendar days 

will you provide 

How many stirred paintings 

have heard your stories 

The dear dog shakes his head in disbelief 

The most pathetic you 

who soars to watch others rot 

Resist the urge to trust 

Butterflies are still beautiful upside down 

What happened

I am loved 

I am loved 

I am loved 

I got no problem with you spider

or the garbage man outside

I can say with certainty that five and ten years from now I’ll be

so red

from things I’ve said

I wonder if mountains can be evil

if hiding marbles can be magic

She threw my glasses after ripping them from my face

She touched me and told me not to tell

I was scratched backstage

laughed at for attending to my best

Why do my friends want to die?

You told me the news without coming close

my brain sees pink on the inside

I’m sad the yes is gone

I layer my lipstick

he was alive 8 minutes ago

Gonna line my eyes with chocolate glitter

think about disappearing

how you made me an infant

dishwater is her date

stop the record

stop the bleeding

wear the bracelet you bought on vacation to keep the pretending alive

here on my star it’s okay,

           it’s all a dream

Swimmers in my guts

ache and drown

Knowing the mushrooms are growing

no matter how hot the sage burns

words are my deepest breaths

wearing a unicorn uniform

Why would I want you dead?

Why would I want you dead?

Why would I want you dead?

Almost dead

fewer grains

fewest grabs

learn your trade

you had to save her back

given the gift 

to return the favor

After leaving a few socks

alongside your kids 

forgotten in dresser drawers

Plays out on the desert stage

Peaches have gone out of season

think of your affair

you can’t dig sand, baby

you can’t touch a cactus

you won’t see water or roots

and water won’t see you

But the children knew

you idiots,

the children knew