deadstock coffee (nw)

kayo ramen (ne)

water avenue coffee (se & sw)

good coffee (se & nw)

nostrana italian (se)

bye & bye bar (ne)

kati thai (se)

maruti indian (se)

coffee beer (se)

dinger’s deli (se)

ichiza pan asian (sw)

modern times bar (se)

capitol bar (ne)

canteen vegan bowls (se)

sudra indian (ne & n)

black water bar (ne)

homegrown smoker bbq (n)

doe donuts (se)

back to eden (ne)



project object (ne)

land (n)

herbivore (se)

powell’s (nw, se, pdx airport)

palace (ne)

olo (se)

seven sisters (ne)

tender loving empire (se, sw, nw, pdx airport)


mississippi avenue

alberta avenue

hawthorne avenue

tilikum crossing

forest park

mount tabor

waterfront park



It’s Tuesday on Friday

black birds fall from the sky

rain drops the size of dinner plates too

I’d rescue you if you needed

I tried to climb a boulder once

it took three summers

I made it up

I made it up

should’ve learned then that victory highs are quick

While my shadow stays

dark slow endless

because how you say ‘yes’

and what you don’t say

is as important as the looks

you threw at me

every single day

I spiral

I spiral

the biggest mistake we all make

is believing that things will stay the same

I grow older

and more invisible each day

with more stories to tell

and fewer people who will listen

I can’t hear when your eyes hurt

Do they hurt?

The tigers need life vests

they are more scared than you’d imagined

(fuck off

leave me alone)


It’s the end of season

walking outside of the hospital

I feel the lost ghosts

buzzing under trees

her cat died

so crow friends gather

I don’t have a key

I don’t even know what it looks like

but you’ve got a place to put me

where you know

you’re better

and prettier

and smarter

that way

you’ll know where to find me

where to cut me

the gifts you give drop in my lap

drop from your mouth

like vomit from last nights whisky

only the glasses you’ve stolen

have heard your lies and believe them

wading through mud has made our capes filthy

the last light is red


all the bird eggs inside of me

have rotted

in the heat of my blood


When a word

like abandon is perfect

moonlight goes unnoticed

admire the raves

serve the praise

for little kings who can’t breathe

because of flaming airplanes

dreaming of strawberry cake


I’m so sorry I brought you here

because you’re my only hope

I’m sorry you’re my hope

How could her sadness end

She had the train


And a baby daughter

She had the fall into winter into

Early spring at the hospital

And then another hospital

Surrounded by redwood trees

He had ears that she hoped could hear her

He had a heart that was beating but she didn’t know if she’d ever see his eyes open again

There was a driver

And a crash

How could her sadness end.

She came to take photographs

ignored me

I sobbed

dark street chases leading to

dim lamp confessions

How do you make out on a bicycle?

Close your eyes

peddle your feet so fast

trees ripple

hold tight the handlebars

entwined with his

and kiss

It’s shooting starbursts

it’s a secret

They make a plan

that’s overheard through playhouse walls

I knew it

I knew it

I always knew it

shhhh quiet now

touch my face

and wake up

We could have been a team

better than anything

Layers of tulle are dusty

faded by sun

the fox never came to

illustrate wonder

and make her wander

the right way

Grief driving

she won’t find the right kind of donuts

lemons won’t be delivered

to your doorstep anymore

don’t ask

I thought she was heaven


the beginning

I never hated her

like I hated them

now I mostly hate him

So many hide in the pools

of their own perceived importance

it’ll be so long or maybe forever

probably forever

because you are the way you are

living under the unicorn

captured in beauty

making snow angels on

fragile ice ponds

while we are both thinking

the same thing,

“I’m right”