An act of love
touching toes
I can’t wait to climb the rope
because I adore a woman
who hates flowers
Where are the people
who drank early?
I started drinking coffee too late
I’ll even take New York in January
if that’s what you’re offering
Tomatoes and cigarettes litter the sidewalk
and I can only think
of how my heart jumps
knowing you love me
Don’t tell me what we’ll always be ours because life is so uncertain
all I have to do is close my eyes
to see our faces forever reflected
in the train window
as everyone else disappears

If she had known
about plants
and pink moons
she’d add a panda to her memories
and rebel more
She would never drive in anger
and spend more time without covers
If she had known
of these terrible parallels
seasons of betrayal repeating
through the seeded soil
through the souls
(now she doesn’t have to go fast
she’s got bodies to listen to)
But if she had just known
there’s not one kind of pretty
and not one kind of plenty
you wouldn’t have been her last wish
of wonder

Don’t be gone
flex your muscle
take your heart out
I owe you so much
Little moth,
please stay
I want to know you
and your friends
Sheep have a bad reputation
but they stick together and I like them
I forget the year sometimes and he forgets the day
so between us we maybe can live without age
or the illusion of time
I’m distracted by my own yellow
over this rainbow
tattooed by time
mirrors are hysterical and
you have left so much inside of my heart

Racing the birds
I smile easily
I never care to win
he has so many smiles
I hope to always know them all
Does he know he’s the best
Does he know how grateful I am for his existence, his love
What kind of place
do we pay everyday
with whose wings
What did little Rose possibly want
that you couldn’t give her
so you forgot to save her life
(We could have saved her life)
What will happen next
for a baby goat
when a 7 year old child leaves too early
it’s not her fault

When a girl showed up

She didn’t know

She wasn’t wanted

But her skin knew

So through the years the message traveled to her heart

She could still pretend better than anyone

She could forget and forgive so well she deserved a little trophy

Until he said it

Over tiki drinks and tears, “I didn’t fight for you. I didn’t know what to do with a girl.”

Like one hundred spinning tiny painted cocktail umbrellas (doubly stolen)

by this tropical themed bar,

she felt them pierce her

she didn’t move

hoping this moment would disappear, that her eyes wouldn’t reveal the soul ache

of this truth

that truly didn’t need to be said.

Stolen was the experience of her being loved by him.


I’m always more afraid of death in summer

Sticky feet fail to feel the earth

misplaced life jackets

it’s so dangerous

in sad currents

where cold is welcomed but frightening

but cold

but welcome still and I’m alone

no more stars and hearts to round out the sentimental request

that could maybe

bring you home

Looks like New York

Smells like Barcelona

Reality is more real

when death has made a close visit

Can I admire you and forget?

Remember you but pass clouds without care?

How do you measure this familiar disappointment along with

bright lights

and a hunger

to be big