Layers of tulle are dusty

faded by sun

the fox never came to

illustrate wonder

and make her wander

the right way

Grief driving

she won’t find the right kind of donuts

lemons won’t be delivered

to your doorstep anymore

don’t ask

I thought she was heaven


the beginning

I never hated her

like I hated them

now I mostly hate him

So many hide in the pools

of their own perceived importance

it’ll be so long or maybe forever

probably forever

because you are the way you are

living under the unicorn

captured in beauty

making snow angels on

fragile ice ponds

while we are both thinking

the same thing,

“I’m right”


Get out of the bath

I know you don’t feel loved anymore

I wonder how she removes her clothes

when she’s alone

I subway

to his door

fifteen years in a step and

I’m so different now

Nothing better than Big

Big buildings

Big books

Big words

to express how we got here

you don’t have permission to hang out with my heart

can’t name all the things you’ve ruined for me

I sat on top of my car

on a cold foggy night

to wait

because that’s what

you wanted from me

what I was asked to do

but you lied

and lied

and lied

Remorse removes hours of pain

It’s helpful


and can bring peace.

I fear your map is drawn

he swallowed your compass

Measured time by picking blueberries

How many children you birthed versus how many you raised

What color is stardust?

You’ve cost me a lot of money, guest

I don’t have answers for you

Because I barely have answers for myself


Measured time by picking strawberries

Sparkling into relaxation

Stumbled into astonishment and lastly

Snuggling with dread

We need help

To get rid of him

I tip toe to my death

Moon watching 

Watching magpies and me

My brain feels enlarged as you lie

I scatter 

Little mice 

Up my spine into my hair 

The moon stays the same 

Mama please remind me 

How it shined for both of us

No matter where we are 

Saturated rainbow lorikeets 

Have died

My brain drowns 

Twin engines


By your tattle tails

I revisit

I don’t linger

All I know now

Brings a smirk

And some decent


That the board game


Blue chalked sidewalk 

Dull knife pierces 

a shiny red heart shaped balloon 

Hello, rain 

Dropping leaves dripping

Overgrown bangs

Cold hands 

I’m inside the iced covered pond 

She wasn’t born on Valentine’s Day 

She was a cheerleader


not at the right time

little pigeon 

Three little pigeons 

She took great care 

Home covered in snow 

surrounded by tigers with star halos 

I can’t misuse Pedro’s magic 

And forget where the fireflies sleep 

Wednesday’s are for the beach 
Sunday’s for ice cream 

Did you see the smiling moon, 

sister mother, 

mother sister 

So much power 

In snow whites hair 

Everything is in my imagination, little mouse 

Sorry you’re uncomfortable 

sorry we’re not accommodating 

sorry you’re suffocating 

Recycle your soul

Hold on black swan, 

hold on