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Oh my goodness I don't handle rejection well.

Last Thursday morning my trainer stood me up for the second time. I was really mad, talked to a 24 Hour Fitness manager and was on my way. Silly me I thought someone would call. Nope. Cut to this morning when I finished my workout I went over to the trainer desks to find my trainer hanging out. He comes towards me all full of sorry sorry and saying all the "right" things all the while his vibe was he was just going through the motions. I suddenly found myself losing my emotions. I felt like crying my eyes out, my chin quivered, my eyes did water and I took some breaths to stop this madness.

He's not my trainer any more, I talked to the big guy at the gym after getting emotional. Thankfully I had calmed down. Maybe I'm PMS-ing, maybe it was that sweet Jason Mraz music I'd been listening to for the hour before, or maybe I'm just sensitive. But ouch, I felt like I was breaking up with a friend, a friend who I was paying to spend time with me and couldn't bother. Good greif Charlie Brown. 

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So everyday I go to the gym I see this old man who wears a visor with a few feathers stuck into the back. Those feathers stick straight up through his whole routine! I watch him sometimes as he moves from machine to machine and then stops to do his thai chi. But today was different! He wore a red sweat band around his head, no feathers and a superman tank top. Mixing it up today.  

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This morning was my first appointment with my new trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. I'll call him B here since I didn't get his permission to write about him! B's really mixing it up on me after hearing my goals of being a lean machine. He wants me to take a Crossfit approach, essentially shortening my workouts and giving more energy in a shorter time. He wants me to warm up, use weights, then do cardio. I'll have a better understanding on Thursday morning when we meet for our first workout since today was all measure, pinch, weigh in and talk talk talk. B sent me on my way with a 45 minute workout for this morning: Arch Trainer for a 5 minute warm up, then mountain intervals for 10 minutes, then the rowing machine for 10 again with intervals, and lastly the bike with intervals and 15 minutes of stretching (which I totally did not do! I did like 5 or 6 minutes!).

My homework after our first meeting is to figure out how much protien I'm getting in a week so I have to track my food for a week. I've got my little Alice in Wonderland notebook open on my kitchen island and I've been writing in it all day. I'm also finding myself jumping over to the computer to find out just how much protein is in an avocado? He also wants me to stretch and do myofacial release on my muscles. Massage time!

And he told me, "Your diet is phenomenal!" Yes! 

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I worked out five days last week at 24 Hour Fitness. I arrived around 6:15am and stayed for 75 to 120 minutes. I used loads of cardio equipment, mats, free weights, the sauna, medicine balls and bosu ball.

Things that annoy me at the gym:
*I want the staff to clean machines
*I want people to prop their dirty sneakers on things other then where my head or hands will be going on machines while they stretch
*I want people to not place their personal belongings, like a cell phone, on equipment to "save it" for themselves. I'm sorry, if you walk away it's fair game!
*I want people to stop taking the free weights with them to lie beside them while they do other things!
*I want the trainers to smile!
*Ooooo the smell sometimes. Let's all agree to wear some deodorant at the gym, okay?
*When a machine breaks and you're a staff member and you know a machine breaks please get a sign up asap that that machine is broken! I almost threw out my knee on a bad bike and when I showed a trainer, she's like oh yeah that one's broken. What? She put a sign up after our conversation.
*Please don't think I'm eying you cause I think your hot, I'm watching you for one of three reasons 1. What you're doing is scary because of your bad form. 2. I want your machine so I'm busying myself until you leave so I can pounce. 3. I'm interested in what you're doing- form, style, whatever and I plan to try it so I'm staring until I think I've got it.
*People, please take your dirty tissues out of the cup holders on the cardio machines. Gross.

Things I like at the gym:
*Getting out of the house to go play by myself and then go sit in that sauna for five minutes!
*Learning new things
*Classes I haven't taken yet

So even though the annoyance list is longer, the positive list trumps it because I love to exercise. Stay tuned for the membership negotiations. Please please let it go smoothly!!

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We went to Mount Tabor Park on Sunday and I ran well over 650 stairs, ran some trails, used the kids playground to do resistance training and threw in burpees and push-ups. Before the park I used hand weights and bounced on the rebounder. So what's next?  

I thought that post marathon I'd dive into yoga and cycling but now I find myself craving the boot camp experience again (which is something I can do on my own when the weather is gorgeous like it was today!).  My friend, Roz Savage has a membership to 24 Hour Fitness which also sounds appealing. The variety of classes includes cycling and yoga as well as a pool and equipment I don't have. And if it's good enough for Roz (and Robert Cheeke of who works out at my local 24 Hour Gym) then it's good enough for me. I just downloaded a free 7 day pass and I'm hoping to start this week! Voxy friends I will let you know how it goes!

What do you all do for exercise?

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