Tweets from last night:

2 weeks into my 8 hour diet experiment, fasting until dinner Mondays & Fridays. Told myself I’d go until the end of the 30th but hating it. (oops! I meant the end of the month or April 30th! But whatever, it’s twitter- no going back!)
And absolutely having a love/hate thing happening with drinking coffee everyday too. Strange stuff, caffeine.
So yes, two weeks and two tweets to share; a few pounds down and feeling strangely leaner then the scale says. I didn’t tell my husband I was doing this and he even noticed the new leanness and tightness which is nice but does it mean I want to continue? hmmmm. I’m no quitter but fasting until dinner twice a week is getting borrrrrring. The sun is out, I want to run to and from the gym and on fasting days it is so challenging!! And maybe not the greatest idea. Alright, I just decided. I’m going to remain disciplined and see it through one more week. Hope I don’t pass out during crossfit! Perhaps I should up the caffeine? Maybe a side effect is rambling? Yes, a definite side effect is rambling.
See you on this topic next week.