What's one of your favorite quotes? 
Submitted by Georgie-boy

there are so many quotes that are coming to mind that this QotD from yesterday, i am attempting to answer today. so i'm going with albert einstein who said, "imagination is everything. it is the preview of life's coming attractions." i find this quote very exciting, i think it's a challenge; to dream bigger and see more clearly. i think it's a challenge to be kinder and more colorful. on a personal note, for example for some reason, probably cause i'm 32 years old, i feel i must fight my inner rainbow brite while getting dressed each day. but why do i want to fight her? who is going to care what i wear? as long as i shine with love and acceptance for myself and in turn others, does it matter if i do that in rainbow stripey socks?
i want to day dream about world peace now and a yummy food tonight. i want to imagine health and wealth of spirit for everyone. i will witness love unfolding every moment in my mind for everyone. and i'll be imagining it and doing it every day!

today i wore a stripey brown button up dress shirt, with a brown tee from threadless layered on top of it. the tee has a mass of pillows in a big grouchy fight all over it (andy bought it for me for christmas). also, my brown ag angel cords, pink, red and blue argyle socks and brown converse.

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