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Hearing today that my sister's young friend Molly Hightower was found dead in Haiti was just so very very sad. The stories I've been reading, the footage on the news, there are no words. Molly was 22, volunteering at an orphanage and taking care of sweet little ones. You can read her blog here. I think when a family looses a child, we all feel the loss. Our hearts go swiftly to a heavy place. Rest in peace, Molly.

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Blossoming Lotus with my sister and her boyfriend.

6-19-2008 6-26-22 AM_0138

Vegan miso soup 

6-19-2008 6-26-20 AM_0137

Live pizza

6-19-2008 6-26-17 AM_0136

Live pad thai

6-19-2008 6-20-46 AM_0134

Rice paper hand rolls

I really love Blossoming Lotus but I've got to say the service is spotty! Although, on this particular day the sun was out, we sat outside and service was great. The live pad thai is divine, by the way.

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