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We spent some time at a beautiful spot where some shots from the movie 'Amelie' was shot in Paris. Here are a few:


7-8-2009 5-54-07 AM_2101 by waxpancake.
From afar

7-8-2009 5-51-07 AM_2100 by waxpancake.

7-8-2009 5-59-28 AM_2117 by waxpancake.
And again

7-8-2009 5-58-24 AM_2114 by waxpancake.
Me and my boy

Gorgeous carousel from Amelie by waxpancake.
Getting a smooch

7-8-2009 6-00-57 AM_2123 by waxpancake.
We climbed into the wind!

7-8-2009 6-04-18 AM_2136 by waxpancake.
The view

7-8-2009 6-05-39 AM_2147 by waxpancake.
Eliot peeking over the edge!

7-8-2009 6-13-18 AM_2163 by waxpancake.

Look at all the tiny people!

7-8-2009 6-12-18 AM_2161 by waxpancake.
Had to look through just like in the film!

More Amelie! by waxpancake.
xoxo Amelie!

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What movie would you really recommend renting or seeing this weekend?

my favorite movie is joe versus the volcano. love, life and being grateful

other favorites
trust.  dark, great quotes, romantic
the princess bride. fairytale
prelude to a kiss. modern fairytale
amelie. one of the most perfect films ever made, ever ever
xanadu. dreamy
annie hall. woody allen and diane keaton, duh
everyone says i love you. woody allen musical
parenthood. quoted in our wedding vows
kill bill 1 & 2. uma thurman made me want to have the ability to kick ass
forest gump. i saw this multiple times in the theater and i cried every time
when harry met sally. classic

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