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On Sunday we went to brunch at Tasty and Sons then headed to Multnomah Falls. I thought about changing my clothes between each outing but instead I just quickly slipped off my heals for my Vibrams before driving to the falls. And I'm so thankful I did at least that. One look at that tall switchback trail and I wanted to burst out running! So I did! Now I can't wait to go back again, properly attired and enjoy the amazing air, views and mist from the falls and go all the way up. ahhhhh

Brunch spot:
2010-04-18 12-23-58 - IMG_5864 by waxpancake.
Wrong shoes for hiking/running! My dark green Vivienne Westwood for Melissa:
2010-04-18 11-38-15 - IMG_5863 by waxpancake.
My very cute and wrong outfit for running. Silk top from Liberty of London for Target, belt from Mooshoes & Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans:
2010-04-18 19-16-06 - IMG_5914 by waxpancake.
We found a heart shaped rock:

2010-04-18 14-58-11 - IMG_5884 by waxpancake.
A very small portion of the very tall falls:
2010-04-18 15-12-50 - IMG_5906 by waxpancake.
Walking one of the bridges:
2010-04-18 15-10-47 - IMG_5904 by waxpancake.


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It's been too long.

Husband and little boy both had the flu and then followed it up with pneumonia and then topped it off with a cold. Five weeks later I escaped with a few days of coughing and runny nose. I think we're all on the mend now.

Eliot is adorable as always and wants to snuggle every morning the same as he's wanted to for years. I find myself relishing in it even more now as he approaches 5 and a half years old! He loves video games on wii, ds and playing on the computer with his daddy. He still plays play-doh, moon sand, tinkertoys, legos, board games, puzzles, builds forts, puts on puppet shows and on and on. It was so scary to see both husband and son so sick for so long that I feel ever so very extra grateful as we approach Thanksgiving this week.

So I wanted to do a quick post and a link to my talented brother's site and particularly to his new festive Thanksgiving song. (If you scroll down there's also a song inspired by Eliot that we love!)   Enjoy!

Much love, wellness and warm cozy houses for all this season.


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Our rented apartment in Brooklyn last month, where we stayed for ten days, had some interesting decor. It freaked out Eliot a little!

In the kitchen above the window:

2009-09-12 09-57-09 - IMG_3044 by waxpancake.
Above the fridge:

2009-09-12 09-57-17 - IMG_3045 by waxpancake.
Living room view one:

2009-09-12 09-56-59 - IMG_3043 by waxpancake.View two:

2009-09-12 09-57-29 - IMG_3046 by waxpancake.
Bedroom one

2009-09-12 09-57-40 - IMG_3047 by waxpancake.
Bedroom Two- cute little corner

2009-09-12 09-57-48 - IMG_3048 by waxpancake.

This little two bedroom in the Gowanus/Park Slope area was at the top floor of a four story walk-up. The masks, antlers, religious paintings and sheep heads were very new to my five year old. There was even a handmade upside down zombie head lamp on the kitchen table. When we walked in to the space for the first time after our red-eye from Portland Eliot looked right at it and said, "Look Mommy, a dead guy." I quickly turned this little piece of art around so we didn't have to stare at him while we ate.

Have a beautiful weekend! It's as dark as can be outside here in PDX!

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My brother Tony says that Paris ruins you. The beauty of Paris ruins the rest of Europe for you. So I suppose the suggestion implies to go there last on your schedule or only go to Paris.

Veggies on the street

7-3-2009 11-23-50 AM_1105 by waxpancake.
Our hotel

Hotel by waxpancake.
Trying to find our way around our first day

7-3-2009 11-48-08 AM_1133 by waxpancake.
So many faces to admire

7-3-2009 11-42-39 AM_1125 by waxpancake.
Jardin de Luxembourg

7-3-2009 11-41-34 AM_1122 by waxpancake.

7-3-2009 11-40-48 AM_1121 by waxpancake.
"M" for make it mine!

7-3-2009 11-36-05 AM_1115 by waxpancake.
You can rent bicycles in Paris! The first half hour is free and they're really cute!

7-3-2009 11-39-07 AM_1119 by waxpancake.

7-3-2009 11-38-32 AM_1117 by waxpancake.
Menus are often on chalkboards

Menus are often on chalkboards by waxpancake.
Loved this little poster in the restaurant across the street from our hotel:

he was too cute by waxpancake.
Ice Age

7-3-2009 11-34-46 AM_1114 by waxpancake.

7-3-2009 11-34-21 AM_1113 by waxpancake.

Have a beautiful Thursday!

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Our Paris hotel was really cool and had excellent service. We can highly recommend!

7-3-2009 10-03-39 AM_1082 by waxpancake.
Our bed for one glorious week

7-3-2009 10-03-50 AM_1084 by waxpancake.
Macaroons waiting for us from Pierre Hermes

welcoming us with Pierre Herme macaroons by waxpancake.
Up close!

7-3-2009 10-09-35 AM_1092 by waxpancake.
View from our window

Hotel by waxpancake.
The winding staircase, there's also an elevator!

Hotel by waxpancake.

Hotel by waxpancake.
Wall treatment in the lobby

7-8-2009 1-19-55 PM_2261 by waxpancake.

7-8-2009 1-19-40 PM_2260 by waxpancake.

7-8-2009 1-18-38 PM_2257 by waxpancake.

7-6-2009 12-34-01 PM_1833 by waxpancake.
Out the window

Hotel by waxpancake.
Hotel stairs again

7-6-2009 2-17-35 AM_1622 by waxpancake.
And again

7-3-2009 2-06-57 PM_1156 by waxpancake.
Paris sky the night we arrived. I knew my great Auntie Mary's funeral service was happening at the same moment that the sun was setting and as I waited for Andy and Eliot to meet me on the street corner I took some pictures and cried.

7-3-2009 2-06-31 PM_1154 by waxpancake.

Thanks for looking!

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Playing in the sand at the park near Buckingham Palace

7-2-2009 9-39-41 AM_0948 by waxpancake.
Eliot's creation

7-2-2009 9-39-15 AM_0946 by waxpancake.
Watching from above

7-2-2009 9-10-34 AM_0922 by waxpancake.
Beautiful memorial

Beautiful memorial across from the palace by waxpancake.
Close up

7-2-2009 8-59-53 AM_0913 by waxpancake.

7-2-2009 8-58-55 AM_0911 by waxpancake.
"In two world wars…"

7-2-2009 8-58-46 AM_0910 by waxpancake.

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Sweet turtle in Central Park:

6-19-2009 12-39-49 PM_0010 by waxpancake.My men looking out at all the little turtles:

6-19-2009 12-42-34 PM_0012 by waxpancake.

Turtle in the happy muck! by waxpancake

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