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My brother Tony says that Paris ruins you. The beauty of Paris ruins the rest of Europe for you. So I suppose the suggestion implies to go there last on your schedule or only go to Paris.

Veggies on the street

7-3-2009 11-23-50 AM_1105 by waxpancake.
Our hotel

Hotel by waxpancake.
Trying to find our way around our first day

7-3-2009 11-48-08 AM_1133 by waxpancake.
So many faces to admire

7-3-2009 11-42-39 AM_1125 by waxpancake.
Jardin de Luxembourg

7-3-2009 11-41-34 AM_1122 by waxpancake.

7-3-2009 11-40-48 AM_1121 by waxpancake.
"M" for make it mine!

7-3-2009 11-36-05 AM_1115 by waxpancake.
You can rent bicycles in Paris! The first half hour is free and they're really cute!

7-3-2009 11-39-07 AM_1119 by waxpancake.

7-3-2009 11-38-32 AM_1117 by waxpancake.
Menus are often on chalkboards

Menus are often on chalkboards by waxpancake.
Loved this little poster in the restaurant across the street from our hotel:

he was too cute by waxpancake.
Ice Age

7-3-2009 11-34-46 AM_1114 by waxpancake.

7-3-2009 11-34-21 AM_1113 by waxpancake.

Have a beautiful Thursday!

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Our Paris hotel was really cool and had excellent service. We can highly recommend!

7-3-2009 10-03-39 AM_1082 by waxpancake.
Our bed for one glorious week

7-3-2009 10-03-50 AM_1084 by waxpancake.
Macaroons waiting for us from Pierre Hermes

welcoming us with Pierre Herme macaroons by waxpancake.
Up close!

7-3-2009 10-09-35 AM_1092 by waxpancake.
View from our window

Hotel by waxpancake.
The winding staircase, there's also an elevator!

Hotel by waxpancake.

Hotel by waxpancake.
Wall treatment in the lobby

7-8-2009 1-19-55 PM_2261 by waxpancake.

7-8-2009 1-19-40 PM_2260 by waxpancake.

7-8-2009 1-18-38 PM_2257 by waxpancake.

7-6-2009 12-34-01 PM_1833 by waxpancake.
Out the window

Hotel by waxpancake.
Hotel stairs again

7-6-2009 2-17-35 AM_1622 by waxpancake.
And again

7-3-2009 2-06-57 PM_1156 by waxpancake.
Paris sky the night we arrived. I knew my great Auntie Mary's funeral service was happening at the same moment that the sun was setting and as I waited for Andy and Eliot to meet me on the street corner I took some pictures and cried.

7-3-2009 2-06-31 PM_1154 by waxpancake.

Thanks for looking!

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Playing in the sand at the park near Buckingham Palace

7-2-2009 9-39-41 AM_0948 by waxpancake.
Eliot's creation

7-2-2009 9-39-15 AM_0946 by waxpancake.
Watching from above

7-2-2009 9-10-34 AM_0922 by waxpancake.
Beautiful memorial

Beautiful memorial across from the palace by waxpancake.
Close up

7-2-2009 8-59-53 AM_0913 by waxpancake.

7-2-2009 8-58-55 AM_0911 by waxpancake.
"In two world wars…"

7-2-2009 8-58-46 AM_0910 by waxpancake.

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Sweet turtle in Central Park:

6-19-2009 12-39-49 PM_0010 by waxpancake.My men looking out at all the little turtles:

6-19-2009 12-42-34 PM_0012 by waxpancake.

Turtle in the happy muck! by waxpancake

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Summer 2009-
New York

Our trip was incredible. People fascinate me everywhere. Design and colors and culture. Museums and history and the summer sky. A little girl named Ayla making a harsh moment soften (on the flight from Chicago to PDX). Beautiful souls coming through warm smiles (Le Seiste restaurant in Paris). A church so old and full of prayers my head hurt and eyes burned (Notre Dame in Paris). New foods for all three of us and a new language for a week, not to mention the language of travel. Packing and unpacking. Laundry in hotel sinks. A room so small they asked us if we'd be needing all of our luggage. A hotel just under 300 years old (Eliot said hi to a ghost there, I never asked if he was joking).-London.  Soldiers with machine guns at the base of the Eiffel Tower. The Mona Lisa taking my breath away (I'll probably devote an entire post on that moment alone). Best raw food desserts ever (Pure Food and Wine NYC). Talking with models about raw foods (NYC at Pure Takeaway). Music in parks. Go-carts in the park for Eliot (base of the Eiffel Tower). Riding the carousel from 'Amelie'. Cigarette smoke (mostly in London and Paris). Small children with boats at the Jardin des Luxembourg (Paris). Marc by Marc Jacobs in the West Village (NYC). Isabel Marant in Paris. Vivienne Westwood for Melissa green shoes found in NY, on sale! Navigating health food stores in different countries. Sweet girls at the Breakfast Club (London) mixing up a green smoothie for me per my request, love!

2300 photos coming soon.  

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*One banana and a piece of Coracao raw chocolate.
***5 minute warm up on the eliptical and a great yoga class at the gym. 5 minutes in the sauna too!
*Huge papaya with lime squeezed over it.
*16 ounces green juice from Sip.
*Summer's party- gluten free pasta with broccoli, zucchini, spinach and tomatoes. Strawberry pie for dessert. Oh my this was so perfect. Andy described it like a jelly donut turned inside out. haha.
*Dinner: Really into these Sunshine burgers so I had the same one as last night with a salad that had asparagus, strawberries, spinach, sunflower sprouts, balsamic vinegar, and squeezed lime on top. Perfect early almost summer salad! Dessert- raw vegan hazelnut ice cream.

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I'm on a big mommy high today. After introducing Eliot to a game to win points and prizes for eating new foods (he So loves to win) he's tried watermelon, veggie burger with goat cheese, and yesterday the pb&j on the waffle sandwich. At this point I don't care how long it lasts just that he know now that trying things can be very very yummy! He's doing five bites of each new food and ends up eating it until he's full! He's already won a trip to OMSi. He's thrilled!

For me today:
*Giant papaya with fresh squeezed lime.
*Green smoothie: 16 oz collards, cacao, chocolate mint leaves, msm, maca, tocos, date and bananas.
*Half a small watermelon
***Boot camp at the gym
*16 oz of my green smoothie from this morning.
*The rest of my quinoa mixed with greens, nutritional yeast, black pepper, and half a small avocado. Andy had a sausage (vegan from Field Roast) on a whole wheat bun with goat cheese and other yummys so I joined in and ate a veggie dog with my quinoa with some good old ketchup and mustard. Dessert was a little vegan gluten free pancake with blueberries and white chocolate peanut butter- a very small portion went a long way. There was a time you would have seen me eat like three huge blueberry pancakes (not vegan) with piles of syrup and practically half a cup of peanut butter. Eek! I'm so full at the moment it's hard to think back to that! And tonight's dinner was a lovely vegan feast!

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May 6 means Mercury is in retrograde again tomorrow. Be aware and patient is the advice I'm taking. 

*Green smoothie- * 16 oz kale, spirulina, bananas, orange, vanilla stevia, msm, yacon syrup and water. With all the sweet stuff in it Andy still said it tasted spicy!

4-30-2009 12-42-49 PM_0236 by waxpancake

Eliot tried Andy's (vegan) peanut butter and strawberry jelly waffle sandwich this morning! HUGE! Five bites! I made a Food Game chart for E this morning and he can win points towards the prizes of his choice. He was very excited and dove right in. Keeping my fingers crossed we can continue on and on and on. Yummy food!

*The rest of my green smoothie about 16 oz. and piece of dark chocolate.

*Restaurant lunch with Andy and Eliot- sushi, edamame, and seaweed salad.

*Sweetpea Bakery- vegan marionberry danish

While driving to Sip Eliot says loudly to me in the car, "You are fun Mommy!" So awesome.

*Green juice from Sip

***burpees, treadmill speed and incline intervals, jump rope intervals.

*Half a Vega bar.

*Bowl of quinoa, nutritional yeast, black pepper, fresh squeezed lemon, mixed greens and a little balsamic vinegar on top. Dessert: two blueberry raw vegan cookies from One Lucky Duck.

And just because I'd like to share here's my favorite dark chocolate bar:

4-30-2009 12-44-59 PM_0244 by waxpancake

Quote of the day via my friend, Roz Savage: The most likely way to reach a goal is to be aiming not at that goal itself but at some more ambitious goal beyond it. – Arnold Toynbee



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This August Andy and I will celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. We spent our honeymoon in Italy and while we were there I bought this charming little french calendar (photos below). I can hardly believe we're now planning a holiday with our little boy who will be five when we go this summer! Funny enough the last couple months I've been staring at a picture on my vision board while I brush my teeth every day of a ferris wheel in Paris. And now we're going!

4-30-2009 3-33-21 AM_0105 by waxpancake.

4-30-2009 3-33-52 AM_0107 by waxpancake.

4-30-2009 3-34-18 AM_0110 by waxpancake.

4-30-2009 3-34-08 AM_0109 by waxpancake.

4-30-2009 3-33-58 AM_0108 by waxpancake.
And my vision board:

4-30-2009 3-40-44 AM_0144 by waxpancake.


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My husband sent me the following in an email after Eliot's (our four and a half year old) bath. I was in the next room. Clearly this is a list of all the things Eliot wants to be when he grows up:

Transcribed after his bath:

Book Writer
Computer Programmer
Conductor for Music
Coffee Maker
Coat Maker
Glass Maker for Making Glasses
Curtain Maker
Robot Maker
iPhone Maker

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