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The 8 hour diet just wasn’t for me and that’s okay! I have enjoyed coffee and will continue to drink it on occasion- that’s one of the biggest takeaways along with my love for breakfast (I’ve missssssed breakfast!)! I could NOT go until April 30th waiting to eat food everyday at my self induced scheduled time of 11am! And then my Plantfit (crossfit) class was at noon. I was doing and feeling fine for the most part but as the days went on I was simply enjoying the schedule less and less. If life’s not enjoyed you have nothing. Cutting off eating time by 7pm with an 8 year old and a husband with their own schedules and needs added to the challenge.

So there you are 16/8, the 8 hour diet, intermittent fasting – whatever you want to call it is not for me. Weight loss, tightening up (in a good way 😉 ) and all are not worth it. Plus I’ve been on the fence about fasting for awhile. To each their own- I like to do it maybe once a month for 24 hours and I usually do a juice-smoothie-water fast and I feel fantastic.

I’ll always be experimenting and playing with my food, I have yet to write about Ani Phyo’s Fat Blast which was one of my favorites!

Much love, Moving bodies and Mindful eating!



Ani Phyo's broccoli mash with brazil nut gravy and a salad.

3-4-2009 12-05-27 PM_0019 by waxpancake.

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This was so goooooood, I may make it for dinner again tonight. Although my sunburgers didn't turn out like a pattie the taste was just what I was hoping for. This is Ani Phyo's "burger" recipe with a Bubbies pickle and an arugula, cucumber, lemon juice and honey salad. I topped my burger mixture with some nutrtional yeast, try to get that B-12 when I can!

2-28-2009 11-12-58 AM_0007 by waxpancake.

This was last night's dinner, more arugula salad with lemon, celery, zucchini and dulse with cucumber lining the sides of my bowl/plate so I could dip them into some fresh salsa. Yum.

3-2-2009 9-30-34 AM_0040 by waxpancake.

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More Ani Phyo! This is her taco nut "meat" with my choice of toppings: sliced mango, cilantro, fresh salsa, avocado and cucumber stuffed into romaine hearts. Really fresh, really beautiful and very good for you.

2-23-2009 10-08-26 AM_0006 by waxpancake.

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Hear me out because kelp noodles can be amazing. I love them soaked for over 12 hours in purified water in the fridge. This makes them soft, then you rinse and add whatever noodle topping makes you happy. Last time I prepared them I used ginger, avocado, basil, and ugh, I don't recall but they were yummy. Last week I made Ani Phyo's marinara and a scisilian orange and basil salad on the side. (Which I added a few cacao nibs to the top after I took this photo- chocolate, basil and oranges ah decadance)! Perfectly savory. Perfectly nutritious and delicious. Here's a pic:

2-21-2009 5-17-09 AM_0002 by waxpancake.

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Today is my raw food class with one of my favorites, Elaina Love! I'm so happy and excited that she's here in Portland that I'm simply not going to even think about the ridiculous snow outside right now.

In the last week I've made some great raw vegan food from my current fav uncook books: Raw Food Real World and Ani Phyo's, Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. Here are my photos of Ani's donut holes made by me. Dried pineapple, dates, vanilla, coconut, and almonds and they are so lovely and easy to make.

2-25-2009 1-05-47 PM_0021 by waxpancake.

2-25-2009 1-05-17 PM_0017 by waxpancake.

More later! Have a beautiful day!


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