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This dress from Prairie Underground always reminds me of our trip to Bodie, California in the summer of 2010. Maybe some ghosts snuck into the fabric. In the above photo I’m wearing the dress with crazy geometric tights from Anthropologie and Marc by Marc Jacobs rubber boots. In the Bodie photos I’m wearing it with some old biker boots that I’ve since given away.



One of my January goals is to set up a better spot for what I’m wearing photos but it’s not done yet so here’s a favorite outfit from December!

Wearing: Gap kids jean jacket, JCrew sequined top layered over a grey tank dress from Forever 21, Marc by Marc Jacobs fingerless gloves, Black Milk map leggings and shoes from Anthropologie.

Wearing a dress and sweater from Target, Anthropologie cardigan, Black Milk pink galaxy leggings and Marc by Marc Jacobs rubber boots.


My mother in law is so very generous and has bought me some beautiful things from Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon, California. She brought me the dress below when she visited on Easter weekend. I costumed it up quite a bit on the first wear but I think I'll do something cleaner and more simple next time I wear it. It was really cold outside!

2010-04-09 20-20-29 - IMG_5642 by waxpancake.
Hidden Treasures dress
Rodarte for Target faux fur shrug
Urban Outfitters black thermal top
Jcrew blue fabric flower belt
Anthropologie floral necklace
Forever 21 black boots
My grandma Amelia's white gloves

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I love Sock Dreams and was compelled to head out to their brick and mortar store last Saturday. And on Sunday I wore these beautiful new tights. Here are my photos:

2010-04-11 14-41-48 - IMG_5712 by waxpancake.

2010-04-11 14-39-09 - IMG_5699 by waxpancake.

2010-04-11 14-38-57 - IMG_5698 by waxpancake.

2010-04-11 14-39-50 - IMG_5703 by waxpancake.

2010-04-11 14-40-24 - IMG_5705 by waxpancake.

Forgive my nails, it's time to give myself a new manicure!

I'm wearing:
Tarina Tarantino steam punk heart necklace
Target black and white striped top
Anthropologie little black dress
Sock Dreams tights
Vivienne Westwood for Melissa red shoes

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A few outfits I wore in early summer 2009 in Paris…

First evening in Paris by waxpancake.
Anthropologie dress, Handmade bag from Portland bought at Frock & boots. Forgive the very blurry photo please!

7-4-2009 11-18-54 AM_1340 by waxpancake.
Dress by Tracy Reese from Anthropologie, I love this midnight forest pattern so much!

7-7-2009 4-08-11 AM_1929 by waxpancake.
Betsey Johnson dress, Nordstrom socks and John Fluevog shoes.

7-8-2009 2-30-16 PM_2291 by waxpancake.
This one is a one of a kind dress by Bonnie Heart Clyde, a local designer in Portland. It' a vintage linen piece with an embroidered tree-woman and flowers.

7-8-2009 5-57-39 AM_2113 by waxpancake.
On a rainy day in Paris at the Amelie carousel I have on a many seasons ago Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Forever 21 cardigan, CAT boots and a Pancake Meow cupcake necklace.

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I first saw this dress in the Anthropologie catalog last fall and then when I saw it in person in the store I didn't touch it! You see I wanted it so bad and I didn't want to love it. The next time I visited the store it was on sale! So I grabbed my size and ran to the dressing room. Love! Here I am on the beach in my pretty dress with black socks and boots and iin the black and white I've got on black tights and Melissa wedges.

2010-01-04 17-25-50 - IMG_4597 by waxpancake.

2009-12-18 21-28-09 - IMG_4018 by waxpancake.
It even has pockets!

Happy Tuesday!

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Birthday plans for Thursday February 12. May have to do some of this on Valentine's Day cause the list is too long!

*Pie – to look at vegan footwear.
*Sephora – to smell perfumes.
*Blossoming Lotus – to eat raw vegan food.
*Yummy Tummy – for more raw vegan food.
*Free People – to try on pretty clothes in their equally pretty dressing rooms.
*Seaplane – cause it's next to Free People. Clothes are really expensive here but handmade and gorgeous to admire.
*Anthropologie – love it and I've got a gift card. Thanks Toni and Michael!
*Urban Outfitters – I love their new heart shaped mixing bowls.
*boot camp at the gym – cause I like to sweat and it's my birthday.
*Stella McCartney for Adidas – oh, yeah there's no where to buy it in Portland. blech.
*Lululemon – love this store too. Best pants and jackets to work out in even if their design turnover is way too fast for my taste.
*Yoga class – a nice way to start the day. If I don't go to a class I'll at least spend some time when I wake up doing sun salutations and more.
*Laurelhurst Park – for a walk if it's not too cold.
*Sock Dreams – duh!
*Xtabay – because it's fun to look.

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today is my birthday, and i work my birthday pretty hard and draw it out as long as possible. and try to get as much loot as possible. it's sort of obnoxious, i know. so here's my haul:

*melissa shoes, brilliant platform rubber dreams i tried them on at seaplane today and they didn't have my size so i just grabbed them (on sale) from!
*red mary janes, 2 different kinds. i have a big love for red at the moment.
*anthropologie- 2 dresses and a pair of bloomers
*blendtec blender from husband!
*bird necklace from husband!
*tickets to see elizabeth gilbert speak from husband!
*a louise hay book, cook books, an apron, and baking goodies!
*del forte jeans ( i bought these for myself over a month ago. i warned you i draw it out).
* raw foods and ingredients
*lunch at blossoming lotus
*dinner at nutshell
*urban outfitters- 2 t-shirts
*3 kinds of vegan cupcakes!!!
*my son saying he loved me bunches today.
*lots of sweet phone calls today.

thank you everyone yummy in my life! i love you loads! thanks for spoiling me!

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If you could pick a cartoon world to live in, which would it be?  Why?
Submitted by Scio, Scio.

how about the cartoon sequence in the 1980 film, xanadu. this way i could become a fairy, a bird and a fish.

clothes: tops i've worn lately, my owl tank, fruit stripes top from anthropologie, it must be love tee by amy tangerine, pink angel tee from urban outfitters, greyish v-neck tee from old navy… i'm sure i'll think of more later.

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