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At my mom's last weekend I took some photos of some old toys and baby pictures.

I got my Barbie Dream House the Christmas before my parents divorced. (Sorry Mom, that is a strong memory with that lovely toy.) My mom and step dad have taken excellent care of it and have been storing my treasures for many years. If you know Barbie well you may spot the pink Barbie gym locker, the shopping mall counter with a  display of hats, the awesome Barbie striped couches and chairs with matching tables, and one of Barbie's horses.

My Barbie Dream House by waxpancake.

1-12-2009 9-33-01 AM_0243 by waxpancake

Only family can see this photo AttributionNoncommercial

1-12-2009 9-32-57 AM_0242 by waxpancake

Only family can see this photo AttributionNoncommercial 

Next, my old Barbie Jeep:

Barbie doll Jeep by waxpancake.

Love it.

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I've been having a bit of poop-out here in Portland. Eliot's birthday is fast approaching, the weather is not acing like late spring/early summer and it's bumming me out. So, all I've been wanting is comfort food and sweets. Luckily, I love to run and exercise and lift weights. But, I still don't feel as great as I'd like to.

I want and need to do some work on myself. I give myself little reiki treatments often as I fall asleep at night. I also repeat positive mantras as I run which are very useful that I started to do it at night too. The first one I tried seemed to stick in my throat and make my stomach leap with baby frogs so I knew it was the right one. I could barely choke out: "I am a beautiful woman."

Damn that Barbie. I stopped growing when I was about eleven. Tiny feet and all. I shaped up like a woman just fine, just not exactly- "up". At just under five feet tall, this is just not how I pictured a "beautiful woman" looking. I wanted Barbie legs, Wonder Woman strength, and Charlie's Angels beauty. So, here I am, a grown woman, still waiting to "look" like a "beautiful woman". I'm working on it ~ not growing longer legs, but knowing I am lovely, beautiful even, just as I am.

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