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Minimalist footwear for running is exploding on the internet- or have I just found it? NPR, Reuters, Harvard and bloggers are all talking about "barefoot" running. Am I just catching up or are they? Funny. Either way, my calves are sore, I'm running faster and my toes are happier! I'm 2 1/2 weeks in and haven't put on my New Balance running shoes (which I always ran in as a hard and heavy heel striker) and I see no reason to wear them. Now on to clothes!

This is a fun little outfit I wore last Easter:
4-13-2009 5-47-06 AM_0154 by waxpancake.

4-13-2009 5-51-51 AM_0185 by waxpancake.

Again with that awesome J Crew striped t, a Forever 21 green dress, black heart belt by Betsey Johnson, a blue petticoat from Sock Dreams, yellow tights from Target and again my Melissas by Vivienne Westwood.

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I bought my Vibram Five Fingers back in June in Santa Barbara and have broken them in here and there but now I have a goal of them being my only running shoe. On my brother's recommendation I'm reading Christopher McDougall's Born to Run and it has inspired me to view what's on my feet in a totally new way. Today was day two of running for about twenty minutes on my treadmill in basically bare feet. The funniest part to me was stepping on the treadmill and feeling really really short. ha. My New Balance's gave me some serious height!

As soon as I started to run I noticed how badly I wanted to land and strike with my heel- I really had to fight against this very bad habit. I also noticed how light I felt all over, how straight my back seemed (but unsure if I should lean more forward or backward- I may have to ask the husband to take some photos/video of my posture and stride) and how strong my legs and feet felt. I leaped and bounded and walked and jogged and ran. Then faster and faster and faster. It was fun. I woke up sore this morning all through my legs and knew no matter how much this annoying cold is getting me down I had to put my toes in those Vibram's and work through it again today. Really looking forward to going outside with these shoes on a sunny winter day. Here's hoping we get one! 

And I'll be at it again tomorrow.

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