super lucky me i got to meet roz savage ( about a year ago at bay area boot camp. i went to her website before that first day of camp. at the time i was an assistant coach and i was very excited but scared to meet this superhuman! and instantly she was humble, interesting and kind. even at 6:30 in the morning!

roz is setting out this year to be the first women to row solo across the pacific ocean! please watch her videos of her atlantic row, they are breathtaking. so, obviously i've become a super-fan of this woman's choices and actions. and we've kept in touch! since i last saw her, summer time last year, maybe? well, again just check out her site, she's been busy!

and now she and i are talking food, specifically raw food. yummy and close to my heart.

amysue on the goneraw forums recommends information from tim vanorden he's a raw athlete who amysue says is big on lara bars, (me too!) cacao nibs and honey!

michigan roman, also on goneraw  points us to brendan brazier: and roman's own personal strategy is to stay off salt when doing his endurance running. and he says he loves his trail mix:walnut / almond / sunseed / raisin / dry date / dry fig / dry pineapple.

more later!

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