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Kauai is magical and beautiful. We spent ten days at the Sheraton on Poipu beach, south shore. Andy snorkeled, zip lined and ate the best seafood ever. I loved almost daily trips to Lotus Bar and Blossoming Lotus, drinking Lava Flows and the waterfall jump! Eliot went on a train ride with his grammie and gramps, and Riley. We swam in pools and in the ocean. Eliot had a fast crush on an island girl named, Sky. Can you stand it? It is crazy beautiful and relaxing.

We had a birthday party for Cooper, our anniversary dinner and celebrated grammie's birthday too! We saw a sea turtle, big and small tropical fish swimming around our feet, chickens everywhere, and a monk seal came to swim with Summer and Mary! Watching Summer in the ocean gave me the courage to really go out far and swim in the ocean. It was exhilarating because I was a bit scared but I loved it. I stayed in that salty water until my eyes burned! A big wave even pushed me down the beach filling my bikini bottoms with sand!

We have great pictures to share. Here are some from my sis-in-law and Andy's cousin, Mary. More later!

yes, that is andy and ami jumping off a cliff.

Andy and I jumped off of a waterfall cliff 20 feet high!


Kauai, north shore

ami. love this shot!

Me, taking a photo of Gina!

ami and her body art.

I don't get to see my tattoos very often!

still night, shakey hand.

I love this one.


At Cooper's party at Brick Oven Pizza.

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Blossoming Lotus with my sister and her boyfriend.

6-19-2008 6-26-22 AM_0138

Vegan miso soup 

6-19-2008 6-26-20 AM_0137

Live pizza

6-19-2008 6-26-17 AM_0136

Live pad thai

6-19-2008 6-20-46 AM_0134

Rice paper hand rolls

I really love Blossoming Lotus but I've got to say the service is spotty! Although, on this particular day the sun was out, we sat outside and service was great. The live pad thai is divine, by the way.

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i'm back and refreshed, lovelies!

B: smoothie: coconut water, mango and blueberries. the rest of a almost all raw chocolate torte from blossoming lotus.

3 mile run, weights and trampoline jumping

s: live fudge, water

L: coconut water, cherries, strawberries, mango, hulled hemp seeds, raw raspberry honey, mesquite and cacao.

i wanted to highlight just a few of my favorite websites today. i've probably mentioned them before but here i go again in one swoop: – raw vegan performer – kris carr's site. she's endlessly lovely to me. i learn so much from her and i adore her writing style. – if i could follow this toddler's diet i would rock so hard! – again, well written blog that is full of positive women

these four sites are ones i truly learn from and love each time i read. they get me thinking, motivated, and going!

D: juliano!! dinner was fantastic! six courses of raw perfection. i love gourmet raw food, i mean sally albright in when harry met sally, love it. true for real orgasm love. dig it. he says he's going to come every three months to portland and put this little party on. so, if you're in the area look it up! i should have grabbed a menu but here it goes from memory: a fancy elixir drink with bee pollen and honey, yes i'm one of those vegans who eats honey. second, a perfect salad with spicy creamy no nuts and no seeds dressing- how did they do this? seaweed soup with avocado, and then a plate with three yummies- a zucchini creamy pasta,  greek nachos, and a dehydrated vegetable rich flavored little dish. dessert was a creamy strawberry mousse with beepollen and manna on the top. there were edible flowers and free flowing water. juliano's lecture was short and entertaining. he said when anyone asks him a question he always has the same answer: raw food and yoga. i concur.


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3 mile run, weights

B: smoothie: msm, chia seeds, almost 2 cups water, 2 grapefruits, one banana, and mango. i dumped some vanilla in here too and it was heavenly!

L: leftovers from blossoming lotus- 1/2 collard wrap, thai red bell pepper and mango soup, 2 flax crackers

d: one piece of live fudge

s: 1/2 a beautiful ripe papaya with fresh squeezed lime. wow! the nice produce man at new seasons cut open a papaya for me and a fresh lime, gave me a slice to eat there and the rest to buy and bring home!

d: one piece of live fudge

went for a walk with andy and eliot to our local wild oats grocery store that recently switched over to become whole foods. i am consistently disappointed in whole foods selection of organic produce and nuts and seeds. new seasons markets and our local co-ops rock their socks off. take that whole foods, time to step it up!

eliot loves to pick up rocks and gets so excited when he finds them and always says things like, "i win!"

D: zucchini "pasta" and 2 flax crackers

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B: smoothie: mixed greens, banana, mango and acai juice

s: one yummy date with a teeny scoop of raw pecan butter

L: pineapple and melon, garden of eden salad from blossoming lotus. small bowl of thai curry from andy's food from last night

D: blossoming lotus: live soup- thai red bell pepper and mango- amazing! 1/2 live collard wrap.

walked around nw portland, finally a lovely night.

when we got home i was still feeling snacky. so i had a little more soup and the cashew creme fruit parfait. all from blossoming lotus.

blossoming lotus really sucked tonight for service. i had my soup practically thrown at me after waiting for about 35 minutes and asking very kindly for it. never brought us water, asked how we were- nothing. there was more but that's enough.

i feel sad. i feel like i don't belong here. i don't feel accepted and i am not embracing life here. i'm trying to embrace it and i keep encountering a prickly reception. what else should i be doing?? i try to find a good vibe at a freaking vegan restaurant inside a yoga studio, an outdoor fitness class, blah blah blah. i feel like there is no box to put me in but everyone just needs to put me in a box anyway- the box they have chosen and i say, no!  i am too many things:

mom, wife, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, personal trainer, raw vegan, artist, tattooed woman, marathoner, ambitious, creative, book lover, music lover, art lover, earth lover, animal lover, petite, redhead, glasses wearing, contact wearing, insecure, quiet, loud, proud, competitive, crazy, lovable, adorable, klutzy, silly, tree hugging, shopper, runner, tiny feet, tiny hands, curled toes, meditating, dancing, hippie, snobby, jumping, beach loving, dreaming, movie lover, fairy, valentine, blogger, reader, architect and design nut, big sweet tooth, bad tv lover, sex and the city fan, traveling, i love to drive, i have terrible balance, don't like the desert, love dessert, love new york, love california, love the sky, love the sun, i love clothes and shoes and jackets and bags, love vegnews magazine, and dwell, i love tori and joni, cat and the beatles, rufus, and so many singer songwriters, concerts, vintage, pianos, acoustic guitars, wind, slapstick comedy, i love hearts and stars and eating and restaurants, and believing in people, and believing in love and knowing we don't know anything so we could and should just embrace it all and everyone cause we're all in this together- take a glance and feel it with your heart. grow up and in and out and take good care of yourself so you can pass the gift on to others. i can't believe you've read this far, thank you from the bottom of my endless and ever evolving heart. we're all so much more then what others "see".

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3 mile run, weights, squats, abs, jump and stretch

B: 28 ounces water with msm and half an orange. and the rest of my strawberry shake- strawberries, almond milk, dates and banana

L: green drink: 2 cups water, spinach, apple, cinnamon and nutmeg- how yummy is nutmeg? the rest of my broccoli salad

s: chocolate pudding with cherries and a banana

this was in my google feedreader today. eat it up people!

Raw vegetables and cancer – there is a link!

I just love when I come across articles like this one from my new favorite site Vegetarian Baby. From the article:

The researchers looked at the past diets of hundreds of breast cancer victims and healthy controls, and like many studies before them, they found a modest trend towards decreased risk of breast cancer development in people with the highest daily vegetable consumption. But when they broke up intake categories into raw vegetables versus cooked vegetables, they were surprised to find that women who ate just a single small salad a day seemed to cut their risk of developing breast cancer in half (compared to those who like only ate a salad every couple days) while the women eating the most cooked veggies didn’t seem to have any protection from developing breast cancer at all.”

See the rest of the article here.

i got a tattoo tonight! i'll post pictures soon, please send me some sweet fast healing tattoo vibes please!! i went to the vegan tattoo shop here in portland called scapegoat. sam did my art and the guy at the counter gave me the run down on tattoos not being vegan- the ink! especially black ink, it's made from animal bones. yucky! and not cool.

D: blossoming lotus take out: potato salad- not raw and eden nut salad- raw

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B: vegan oatmeal chai blueberry pancakes at jam- today these lost their draw for me. they just didn't taste good. not enough blueberries, and too doughy.

s: 2 ounces- shot of wheatgrass at jamba juice, they looked at me like no one ever orders this, peculiar!

L:  vegan tempeh bbq wrap- blossoming lotus takeout from food fight, lucky me! i've been craving tempeh and this was alright, too many onions.

40 minutes jumping, 5 minutes abs and 10 minutes weights

s: rest of the wrap

D: cashew cream/nut/fruit parfait- raw- bl takeout

eliot and i went to rudy's today where i got a haircut while he played ms pac man! we also went to scapegoat, portland's vegan tattoo shop, where i browsed the books and eliot played rampage! before those two adventures we played in a toy store with a remote control car! and before that we stopped at jamba juice and eliot drank a tiny free smoothie that had mango, strawberries, orange sorbet and more!

tonight we're watching monsters inc. while daddy paints the town with comic book artists, i can't make this stuff up.

oh yeah, and as we step out of scapegoat eliot says, "mommy, i think i want to get a tattoo of a bird."

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