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3 mile run, weights

B: smoothie: msm, chia seeds, almost 2 cups water, 2 grapefruits, one banana, and mango. i dumped some vanilla in here too and it was heavenly!

L: leftovers from blossoming lotus- 1/2 collard wrap, thai red bell pepper and mango soup, 2 flax crackers

d: one piece of live fudge

s: 1/2 a beautiful ripe papaya with fresh squeezed lime. wow! the nice produce man at new seasons cut open a papaya for me and a fresh lime, gave me a slice to eat there and the rest to buy and bring home!

d: one piece of live fudge

went for a walk with andy and eliot to our local wild oats grocery store that recently switched over to become whole foods. i am consistently disappointed in whole foods selection of organic produce and nuts and seeds. new seasons markets and our local co-ops rock their socks off. take that whole foods, time to step it up!

eliot loves to pick up rocks and gets so excited when he finds them and always says things like, "i win!"

D: zucchini "pasta" and 2 flax crackers

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B: smoothie: mixed greens, banana, mango and acai juice

s: one yummy date with a teeny scoop of raw pecan butter

L: pineapple and melon, garden of eden salad from blossoming lotus. small bowl of thai curry from andy's food from last night

D: blossoming lotus: live soup- thai red bell pepper and mango- amazing! 1/2 live collard wrap.

walked around nw portland, finally a lovely night.

when we got home i was still feeling snacky. so i had a little more soup and the cashew creme fruit parfait. all from blossoming lotus.

blossoming lotus really sucked tonight for service. i had my soup practically thrown at me after waiting for about 35 minutes and asking very kindly for it. never brought us water, asked how we were- nothing. there was more but that's enough.

i feel sad. i feel like i don't belong here. i don't feel accepted and i am not embracing life here. i'm trying to embrace it and i keep encountering a prickly reception. what else should i be doing?? i try to find a good vibe at a freaking vegan restaurant inside a yoga studio, an outdoor fitness class, blah blah blah. i feel like there is no box to put me in but everyone just needs to put me in a box anyway- the box they have chosen and i say, no!  i am too many things:

mom, wife, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, personal trainer, raw vegan, artist, tattooed woman, marathoner, ambitious, creative, book lover, music lover, art lover, earth lover, animal lover, petite, redhead, glasses wearing, contact wearing, insecure, quiet, loud, proud, competitive, crazy, lovable, adorable, klutzy, silly, tree hugging, shopper, runner, tiny feet, tiny hands, curled toes, meditating, dancing, hippie, snobby, jumping, beach loving, dreaming, movie lover, fairy, valentine, blogger, reader, architect and design nut, big sweet tooth, bad tv lover, sex and the city fan, traveling, i love to drive, i have terrible balance, don't like the desert, love dessert, love new york, love california, love the sky, love the sun, i love clothes and shoes and jackets and bags, love vegnews magazine, and dwell, i love tori and joni, cat and the beatles, rufus, and so many singer songwriters, concerts, vintage, pianos, acoustic guitars, wind, slapstick comedy, i love hearts and stars and eating and restaurants, and believing in people, and believing in love and knowing we don't know anything so we could and should just embrace it all and everyone cause we're all in this together- take a glance and feel it with your heart. grow up and in and out and take good care of yourself so you can pass the gift on to others. i can't believe you've read this far, thank you from the bottom of my endless and ever evolving heart. we're all so much more then what others "see".

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3 mile run, weights, squats, abs, jump and stretch

B: 28 ounces water with msm and half an orange. and the rest of my strawberry shake- strawberries, almond milk, dates and banana

L: green drink: 2 cups water, spinach, apple, cinnamon and nutmeg- how yummy is nutmeg? the rest of my broccoli salad

s: chocolate pudding with cherries and a banana

this was in my google feedreader today. eat it up people!

Raw vegetables and cancer – there is a link!

I just love when I come across articles like this one from my new favorite site Vegetarian Baby. From the article:

The researchers looked at the past diets of hundreds of breast cancer victims and healthy controls, and like many studies before them, they found a modest trend towards decreased risk of breast cancer development in people with the highest daily vegetable consumption. But when they broke up intake categories into raw vegetables versus cooked vegetables, they were surprised to find that women who ate just a single small salad a day seemed to cut their risk of developing breast cancer in half (compared to those who like only ate a salad every couple days) while the women eating the most cooked veggies didn’t seem to have any protection from developing breast cancer at all.”

See the rest of the article here.

i got a tattoo tonight! i'll post pictures soon, please send me some sweet fast healing tattoo vibes please!! i went to the vegan tattoo shop here in portland called scapegoat. sam did my art and the guy at the counter gave me the run down on tattoos not being vegan- the ink! especially black ink, it's made from animal bones. yucky! and not cool.

D: blossoming lotus take out: potato salad- not raw and eden nut salad- raw

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B: vegan oatmeal chai blueberry pancakes at jam- today these lost their draw for me. they just didn't taste good. not enough blueberries, and too doughy.

s: 2 ounces- shot of wheatgrass at jamba juice, they looked at me like no one ever orders this, peculiar!

L:  vegan tempeh bbq wrap- blossoming lotus takeout from food fight, lucky me! i've been craving tempeh and this was alright, too many onions.

40 minutes jumping, 5 minutes abs and 10 minutes weights

s: rest of the wrap

D: cashew cream/nut/fruit parfait- raw- bl takeout

eliot and i went to rudy's today where i got a haircut while he played ms pac man! we also went to scapegoat, portland's vegan tattoo shop, where i browsed the books and eliot played rampage! before those two adventures we played in a toy store with a remote control car! and before that we stopped at jamba juice and eliot drank a tiny free smoothie that had mango, strawberries, orange sorbet and more!

tonight we're watching monsters inc. while daddy paints the town with comic book artists, i can't make this stuff up.

oh yeah, and as we step out of scapegoat eliot says, "mommy, i think i want to get a tattoo of a bird."

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last night was horrible and i don't know what did it but i was up until almost 3am running to the bathroom. i can't admit how much coconut bliss i ate, but nonetheless the results were bad. so today was kind of a weird food day.

B: smoothie- hemp protein powder, 2 bananas, blueberries, mango, and cherries. this is a favorite combo.

we went to the children's museum today. eliot spent a lot of time playing in the tiny grocery store and bistro kitchen. he filled up his cart and headed for the checkout stand where he waited in line and impatiently said, "what is taking so long?" wonder where he got that?

andy took him to another part of the museum while i visited with friends. andy called me and said he had just asked eliot if he wanted to go find mommy. to which eliot replied, "just call her on the phone." ha!

L: restaurant- broccolini with garlic salad, cucumber and tomato salad, raw cookie

more L: eden salad, takeaway from blossoming lotus. i had a few bites left of my zucchini pasta with sauce and walnut balls.

d: i made flourless chocolate with walnuts, dates, vanilla, water, vanilla stevia, and salt. with fresh blueberries and coconut sprinkled on top. this was divine. andy however disagreed. but, he doesn't usually like that rich chocolate taste. i ate nearly half of it. i cut the recipe slightly too because i knew i wouldn't be sharing much. the recipe is from raw food made easy.

D: avocado with a scoop of fresh salsa in the center. simple and yummy.

not working out makes me grumpy. taking a break should be nice, or so i thought, but i'd much rather have some time to myself to sweat and work hard each day. makes me feel good in and out.

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today is day 30! 30 days on a 100% raw food diet!

i know i'm very stubborn and driven but i feel great. i feel great because i set out to feel wonderful eating this way. but now the positive results of 30 days raw need to show themselves to me, right? because my next leap is experimenting with an occasional cooked vegan meal.

my mom just came to visit overnight. we talked about food a lot. it's just a subject i love. she said some very positive things like how great my skin looks, yippppeeeee! she tried my not tuna and commented on the complexities and layers of flavors. she wants me to take a blood test to find out if i'm lacking in nutrients. fine, i agreed to it. good to know! we worked out together yesterday for an hour in the park and she could see i'm not lacking for energy.

side note: i just checked on eliot at nap time. he was so busy peering out his window and he said to me, "i'm singing a song to a bird about a blue bird painting a blue house. i have to look out the window to do this." i said okay. so sweet!

back to raw! i'm really happy with how i feel so far. andy was very happy that i had zero grumpy pms symptoms. i was glad my period was light.

i dry brush my body every day before i take a shower. i'm using coconut oil on my skin- face and body every day.  i need to drink more water.  often the food i eat has so much water in it and i feel so full that i forget to drink more.  i love the food i've been making and the overall energy i feel. i feel more spiritual, more connected, calmer, perceptive, and open. i've heard some people sleep less, not me, i've still enjoyed lots of sleep. perhaps that will come later. my plan now is to continue with a high raw diet. always vegan.

i feel really lucky that andy has been so supportive, open and loving for my food/nutrition experiment.  thank you, love!

this post is all over the place. i'm better at lists:

top raw food benefits so far:
1. lovely skin!
2. no pms
3. light period
4. always feel satisfied, even when i'm hungry i'm not growly or growling hungry!
5. boundless energy while working out
6. really quick recovery while working out
7. trying to think of a less hokey way of saying i feel more in touch with myself….
8. more creative
9. no bloating, ever. that's a crazy miracle!
10. because i did 30 days raw i'm going to press myself somewhere wayyyyyyyy more uncomfortable for me- no shopping for myself for the month of april. those who know me well know this is wayyyyyyyyyy more of a challenge then raw any day! today is day 3. wish me well, please.

i love raw food and i'm so thrilled at the results so far! i've even got 2 special raw projects in the works that i'll divulge when the time is right!


B: smoothie- kale, 1/2 a cucumber, mango, blueberries, a banana, flaxseed meal, water and vanilla cream stevia.

L: blossoming lotus- granola, fruit, nut, seed, cashew cream parfait, few bites of live fudge

D: broccoli salad from last night, bite of live fudge, bite of raw chocolate cookie, scoop of almond butter.

went to see elizabeth gilbert speak, author of eat pray love. loved her!

late D at a restaurant: fruit plate- apples and grapes

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B: smoothie: cacao powder, vanilla, blueberries, 3 bananas, coconut, and water.

L: another collard wrap leftover from blossoming lotus

i'm feeling a little better today but no workout yet. i want to feel 100%!

S: blossoming lotus veggie pasta leftovers and a little raw chocolate

D: blossoming lotus eden salad, alright i'm out of all my take out now

happy easter bunny eve!

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B: banana, 2 apples, a kiwi, 2 raweos!

S: blossoming lotus food! 1/4 of their amazing parfait- cashew cream with vanilla and agave, filled with dried apricots, nuts, seeds and fresh fruit!

L: bl- collard wrap- sun dried tomato pate, carrots, cucumber, sprouts, and avocado.

husband went out for me today to blossoming lotus and whole foods! yipeeee! cause i'm STILL sick!

S: master cleanse drink, because i'm desperate to feel better! one squeezed lemon, honey and cayenne in water.

D: more bl food: veggie pasta

d: more parfait

kristin, over at kristin's raw just posted this link: eat it vegan doubters, just kidding!

Vegan diet may help ease rheumatoid arthritis: study

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today is my birthday, and i work my birthday pretty hard and draw it out as long as possible. and try to get as much loot as possible. it's sort of obnoxious, i know. so here's my haul:

*melissa shoes, brilliant platform rubber dreams i tried them on at seaplane today and they didn't have my size so i just grabbed them (on sale) from!
*red mary janes, 2 different kinds. i have a big love for red at the moment.
*anthropologie- 2 dresses and a pair of bloomers
*blendtec blender from husband!
*bird necklace from husband!
*tickets to see elizabeth gilbert speak from husband!
*a louise hay book, cook books, an apron, and baking goodies!
*del forte jeans ( i bought these for myself over a month ago. i warned you i draw it out).
* raw foods and ingredients
*lunch at blossoming lotus
*dinner at nutshell
*urban outfitters- 2 t-shirts
*3 kinds of vegan cupcakes!!!
*my son saying he loved me bunches today.
*lots of sweet phone calls today.

thank you everyone yummy in my life! i love you loads! thanks for spoiling me!

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