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Workout 60 minutes:

A workout

Tracy Anderson Method legs, abs and arms- 40 reps of every exercise

Hula hooping


35 minute workout:

4 minutes hula hooping

12 minutes Ass Fire Intermediate Workout

4 minutes Advanced Ab Bonus on

4 minutes hula hooping

6 minutes boxing and plie squat intervals

1 minute dancing because there was a good song on!

4 minutes abs


Today’s workout:

4 minute warmup

11 minutes 15 seconds to do 800 rep workout

One hour of yoga: You Are Strong, Flexible and Hip with Kathryn Budig on yogaglo

43 minute workout

warm up with plie squats, jumping jacks, lunges, knee raises with a twist

kettlebell swings, bird dogs, bridges The One That Got Away workout

Tracy Anderson Method arms, abs, legs and more arms

yoga stretches including shoulder stand & plow


Vega time!

34 minute workout

warm up with skaters, jumping jacks, high knees

Cardio/strength combo: jump squats, jumping jacks, stability ball planks, stability ball jack knifes – Found here:

Bodyrocktv Hard Bodies Workout

Tracy Anderson Method mini sets of arms, abs & legs

Stretches: upward dog & downward dog

I wore an extra layer today and boy did I sweat for it! Love it and I’m beat!

38 minute workout:

3 minute warm up

12 minute Hot Body On Me workout on bodyrocktv

20 minutes Core Flow with Kathryn Budig on Yogaglo

few minutes of plow pose, shoulder stand and tripod headstand

32 minutes workout:

8 minutes warm up with lunges, jumping jacks, skaters, mountain climbers, leg swings, skipping, squats, standing twists

12 minutes You Da One Workout on bodyrocktv

7 minutes dancing/zumba

5 minutes different plank holds

I am a sweaty mess after this workout! Love it!


35 minutes workout + 45 minutes yoga

Hot Beastie Workout on

Tracy Anderson abs & arms

And 3 sets of these booty exercises:

Yoga on yogaglo with Kathryn Budig

Vega shake time!

30 minutes workout:

one set 100 ups Sexy Times Abs Workout with bonus set

4 sets 100 ups

trampoline jumping

45 minutes total

Good Feeling Workout on

FitSugar Circuit Workout I changed some reps and varied the exercises a bit as well as added two sets of single leg dumbbell row and two sets of a new to me “seatbelt grab” sort of lift, press, back down and pull exercise with a dumbbell

Standing abs sequence from Tracy Anderson

Standing arms sequence from Tracy Anderson

Jumped on the mini trampoline for a few minutes of cool down