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Birthday plans for Thursday February 12. May have to do some of this on Valentine's Day cause the list is too long!

*Pie – to look at vegan footwear.
*Sephora – to smell perfumes.
*Blossoming Lotus – to eat raw vegan food.
*Yummy Tummy – for more raw vegan food.
*Free People – to try on pretty clothes in their equally pretty dressing rooms.
*Seaplane – cause it's next to Free People. Clothes are really expensive here but handmade and gorgeous to admire.
*Anthropologie – love it and I've got a gift card. Thanks Toni and Michael!
*Urban Outfitters – I love their new heart shaped mixing bowls.
*boot camp at the gym – cause I like to sweat and it's my birthday.
*Stella McCartney for Adidas – oh, yeah there's no where to buy it in Portland. blech.
*Lululemon – love this store too. Best pants and jackets to work out in even if their design turnover is way too fast for my taste.
*Yoga class – a nice way to start the day. If I don't go to a class I'll at least spend some time when I wake up doing sun salutations and more.
*Laurelhurst Park – for a walk if it's not too cold.
*Sock Dreams – duh!
*Xtabay – because it's fun to look.

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this is something i'm quite interested in and passionate about: diamonds and how silly they are.

one story sticks with me and i never explained it to my then, very new friend, roz savage, what exactly was on my finger.

 we were partnered up for some ab work at boot camp and while i was pulling myself up doing sit-ups roz remarked on my ring. something like, wow, that's a ring, or the like. well, not even diamond talk can stop me while i'm working out. so i never got the opportunity to tell her it wasn't what she thought. i haven't worn a diamond ring for years. i wear a huge sparkling cubic zirconia, a CZ, a big fake one on a lovely platinum band. my ring does have a few little real diamond rocks in it, albeit tiny, laid into the band. it's a lovely design. my husband might cringe at this admittance because men need to provide and so on, blah, blah blah…i like sparkling things. i don't like sparkling things that are marketed to me and pushed on me since i was a child. "a diamond is forever" and such. the big guys want us to believe a diamond is rare making sure only so many get into the US so the price stays up. they hurt people to this end, end of story. many people have blogged about this much more eloquently then me. if you'd like to know more these are great articles by anil dash and he links to other useful information on this subject:

and yes my husband could buy me a big old diamond if i wanted one, but i don't and i can't imagine i ever ever will!

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you know how you go on vacation then suddenly you're jut ready to go home? that's how i feel right now. i'm trying to embrace portland, i really am. but, when i think of california i get a little dizzy with longing. i hear joni mitchell singing to my heart about california, "oh california i'm coming home, gonna see the folks i dig i'll even kiss a sunset pig, california coming home". makes me blue. eliot is echoing my sentiments. he keeps saying he wants to go on a trip.

pdx positives:
the allen-gibson fam
vegan friendly
andy works at home

things i miss:
boot camp
my fav raw restaurants
the dish
spring starting in february (sort of)
ability to drive to see fam

what can i say? i feel weird here. like i don't belong. in some ways like an awkward teenager. yuck! i must change this mindset, and plan a trip!

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What are 10 things you've done that other people probably haven't? 
Submitted by Janette.   

1. i married my teenage-hood sweetheart
2. i ran through a graveyard naked
3. i was a clown children actually liked
4. i had 24 hours of natural childbirth and gave birth to Eliot!
5. i'm vegan
6. i danced with Ben Lee on stage
7. i've met tori amos
8. i love boot camp style exercise and getting up early to do it
9. i know what it feels like to fall in love at first site
10.  i've been interviewed  as an expert in the massage and day spa industry
11. i trained a world famous athlete   

this list is hard, i want to do more cool stuff!

am i forgetting more exciting things i've done? anyone?

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a little late for earth day but nonetheless sincere these are the things i've changed to start living greener everyday!

but first, since buying a big volvo suv in december, which i felt very good about at the time because weren't driving very much and i like a big safe family car that i can pack all of our stuff in for road trips. and then about 5 weeks after purchasing the big suv i got a job and i commute, eek! this is not a commuter vehicle. i feel guilty about my comfort and safety and that sucks, not to mention the wretched gas prices in california. so my solutions to guilt and to minimize my "footprint" as they say here's my short list:

as of yesterday i am officially vegan!

i bought a big SIGG water container to carry with me, no more little plastic bottles. eliot has one too.

shorter showers, especially in our old home, one of our showers takes forever to get hot so that shower will now be used minimally.

i unplug electronics that aren't in use

we use seventh generation diapers

we use seventh generation recycled paper towels

i use cloth napkins everyday

i buy biodegradable  household cleaning products

i buy organic produce/foods

i recycle my old running shoes

we recycle more then ever at home

we walk where ever we can

andy's commuting on the train more

we only run the dishwasher when it's about to explode because it's so full!

i finally have some tote bags to bring to the grocery store!

i plan on going to our local farmers market next weekend when it reopens for the season

we buy into our local green energy company

so that's what i can think of off the top of my head. so my wish is for everyone to go just a little green. green is beautiful!

clothing: yesterday i wore my bay area boot camp light blue tank under my baby gap preppy blue argyle sweater vest, i love that thing. today i have on a pink t with tiny dinosaurs on it, plaid patchwork shorts, brown belt and brown born platform sandals.

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What's the last compliment you gave and/or received?
Submitted by MalieKai.

this morning i lead boot camp with a workout that i programmed. the owner of the company beside me the entire hour. she's great and gives good feedback, but nevertheless, my boss. any way, at the end of the session a veteran camper said she loved my workout and that it was terrific! yeah for me, right in front of the boss!

clothing: yesterday sweats and play t-shirt. saturday, dark blue tee from urban outfitters, blue angel cords, orange and yellow hello kitty tarina tarantino necklace and orange fluevogs. last thursday hello kitty unicef tee, jeans and red shoes, and friday i'm drawing a  blank, i think we stayed at home.

this clothing project is getting difficult. i  took a few minutes this weekend to rearrange my closet, separating what i've worn and what i haven't. tricky. the weather is getting warmer and i don't want to wait until i wear all of my sweaters… any way it's challenging keeping organized but i'm hoping my vox blog will keep it somewhat under control.

eliot and andy went to great america yesterday. they rode the merry-go-round, rollercoaster, the log ride and more. e's very tired today and had a blast with daddy.

yesterday andy and eliot were in the kitchen when eliot came running out to tattle tale on daddy, he told me,  "mommy, daddy's not listening to me." oh  my   goodness….what did my 2 1/2 year old just say? in fact, even worse, last week when eliot was throwing a fit for something he paused and said, "you don't love me." my mouth dropped open and i started laughing and tickling him and asked him over and over, "are you kidding me?" he tried not to smile and then would smile and then try not to again. i told him, "you have got to be kidding me, you know mommy loves you so much and more than anything!" luckily this ended the fit, but oh my he is surprising me more and more lately.

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yesterday i wore a fitted brown long sleeved v-neck tee from old navy, with a necklace i made, a white and fuscia scarf from urban outfitters, seven for all mankind jeans, and brown italian suede clogs.

today i'm wearing ag angel jeans, a white jcrew long sleeved tissue tee under a grey paul and joe for target wool sweater with a baby pink ballerina on it, and black camper sneaker mary jane heels.

for the last four days i've included something in my outfit that i've never worn before. that is why i'm doing this!

oh! and i told andy today there is one exception to my rule. if i need anything for boot camp i'm going ahead and buying it, because when it's 35 degrees outside i may need a puffy coat and some new gloves!

 i can't believe i need a puffy coat. i can't believe i'm going to wear a puffy coat. and my butt needs a puffy coat, literally, i come home after camp and it takes my booty the longest to thaw out.

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