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For reals. My goodness. Brussel sprouts, burgers, pizza, kale salad, s’mores and more. Are you joking? Great vegan food in a beautiful old theater. The bathrooms are rad too, by the way. So if you’re in the neighborhood (or not! We drove there at dinner time and it took about 90 minutes!) go eat some vegan goodness at Mohawk Bend on Sunset in Echo Park, Los Angeles!



Yup, I wore this again.

And I was back here by the pool and on the beach again. Wearing map leggings, again. Some things are just too perfectly comfortable and fab to not wear again as soon as they’re out of the wash.

Wearing: Wings Are For Fling Not Frying top from Herbivore Clothing Company, striped top from Target, sequined skirt from Nordstrom kids, map leggings are from Black Milk and Marc by Marc Jacobs black rubber boots on my feet.


The Medicinal Salad at Planet Raw in Santa Monica, one of my favorites.



Of course, I chase it with a giant raw cacao shake. XOXO

My mother in law is so very generous and has bought me some beautiful things from Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon, California. She brought me the dress below when she visited on Easter weekend. I costumed it up quite a bit on the first wear but I think I'll do something cleaner and more simple next time I wear it. It was really cold outside!

2010-04-09 20-20-29 - IMG_5642 by waxpancake.
Hidden Treasures dress
Rodarte for Target faux fur shrug
Urban Outfitters black thermal top
Jcrew blue fabric flower belt
Anthropologie floral necklace
Forever 21 black boots
My grandma Amelia's white gloves

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2010-01-04 17-42-28 - IMG_4682 by waxpancake.
Cousins under an amazing sky
2010-01-04 17-35-48 - IMG_4668 by waxpancake.
Me and my shadow
2010-01-04 17-26-53 - IMG_4607 by waxpancake.

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So many things to miss about California.


2009-08-31 15-54-18 - IMG_3001 by waxpancake.

2009-08-31 15-53-32 - IMG_2998 by waxpancake.
More friends

2009-08-27 21-43-26 - IMG_2956 by waxpancake.
Friends little sister

2009-08-28 11-37-30 - IMG_2961 by waxpancake

The beach

2009-08-29 14-26-58 - IMG_2974 by waxpancake.

2009-08-29 13-52-31 - IMG_2964 by waxpancake.

And this is just some loves in northern California. Don't even get me started on so-Cal.

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I love love love Cafe Gratitude.  They are a chain of vegan and mostly raw restaurants in northern California. I'm happy to say on my recent trip to the bay area that I stopped in for a meal at all but one of their establishments! And here is their menu in case you're not familiar with their brand of original-amazing-servings-of-love: Please click through to start salivating.

So recently I was in New York and spent time searching around Brooklyn for veggie places to eat. I was happy to find a place called Healthy Nibbles. When I walked in I grabbed their take away menu to peruse. And what did I find? See for yourself: . Now, this is only going to make sense if you have familiarized yourself with Cafe Gratitude's menu. Please tell me they know and love each other. Because even the fonts are similar. It's all love peeps, but this Healthy Nibbles place did not sit well with this faithful Gratitude-Girl.


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Things I'm really looking forward to next week when we arrive in southern California. Yes, my favorite things are exercising, shopping, family and eating. 

*the ocean
*new year
*loads of raw restaurants!!
*Camarillo outlets: Betsey Johnson, AG, and more!
*Santa Monica promenade
*Juliano's Raw
*Real Food Daily
*Malibu- Cross Creek
*Au Lac
*Santa Monica stairs
*The beach
*Tarina Tarantino
*Marc by Marc Jacobs
*Madeleine Bistro
*Montana Ave

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Here's my little horoscope from yesterday, September 2nd from the DailyOm:

Limitless Dreams
Aquarius Daily Horoscope
The multitude of possibilities that lie before you could make you feel limitless today, and maybe because you see a wide range of options for your future, you might have a more idealistic view of what you are able to accomplish. While there are times when it is important to ground your decisions in the reality of the moment, perhaps today you can let your imagination soar, and listen to the inspiration of your soul to guide your decisions. You might try by thinking about what you picture yourself doing five years from now. Without thinking of the practical aspects of your life, such as career or resources, see where your mind’s eye takes you, allowing yourself to dive fully into this picture. The vision that you have for your future, you may find, could be your inner self telling you what you really should do in order to fulfill your deepest purpose in life.

Our dreams for the future are the wishes of our souls. Because we are so often bogged down by the everyday details of our lives, it is easy to forget our true aspirations. The hopes that we have, however, usually come from within the part of ourselves that wishes to really connect to our true calling – something that isn’t necessarily rooted in the practicality of the present, but instead in the wisdom of our spirit. Letting your dreams run wild will point you in the direction that will help you live out your real calling, and realize the true desire that lies within you today.


The reason that I want to write about this one in particular is because of last night. Andy, Eliot and I went to dinner with a friend of Andy's. He asked us how we like Portland, everyone always asks us how we like Portland, so that's not the notable part. I said some cast-off remark like, "I really need to meditate on where we should go." Andy's friend quickly and nicely suggested that it's not "where" it's "what", the questions to ask are things like "what do we want in a place?" and so on.

I don't read my horoscope every day, some days I just delete it without a second thought but this one got to m a little. Especially the line, "Our dreams for the future are the wishes of our souls." I'm all over that thought. I have a vision board that I've been fine tuning, I pay attention to my dreams, my gut, and my heart. And today something hit me with a surprising voice and the Bay Area, northern California is resonating with me. Unless of course McCain gets into office, then we're heading to another country for a spell.

 So, hubby- what's next? 

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I have such a problem. I walk down the lovely tree lined streets here in Portland, and what is my one major thought?: This is not California. Why do I torture myself this way? And then to make matters worse I decide to read my feeds before heading to bed early and one of my favorite singer songwriters, Tom Brosseau has a new post up today. He is living three blocks from where Andy and I used to live in Santa Monica. Pure torture for a girl like me with a longing in her heart for palm trees, window shopping, celebrity watching, sand in the air, jasmine flowers filling me… I could go on and on. I remember before moving from Berkeley to Santa Monica I was scared of the possibilities of being surrounded by fake hair, fake boobs, fake everything. But, I loved it so. ("It looks fake, I like it," from Joe Versus the Volcano.) And I miss my friends, and well… I could go on and on.

Check out Tom's blog if you're interested. He's very talented and heartfelt, my kinda fella:  

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