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Summer time in Manhattan outside Pure Food and Wine Takeaway (or One Lucky Duck as I refer to it the majority of the time). Love this little brown eco-friendly dress I bought at Exhale in Venice with my white boots from ModCloth and a necklace I made. I'm drinking a cacao shake from the duck!

Favorite restaurant by waxpancake.

In this second photo I have my white boots on again with a strapless dress from Target (GO collection with Patrick Robinson from 2007). I wish I had a better pic, oh well. In my hair I'm wearing a Tarina Tarantino headband with little flowers and sparkles. Oh, I should do a post on my TT collection because it is large and pretty!
2009-08-23 17-11-11 - IMG_2889 by waxpancake. 

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What I've been wearing:

10-20-2008 10-00-48 AM_0076 by waxpancake

The night of my first marathon we ended up in a limo flying through San Francisco! I wore an organic cotton green t-shirt mini dress, hot pink tights and my favorite knee high Aerosole boots. I'm snuggling with my Stella McCarrtney bag. (Go get yours AmyLou!!)

10-22-2008 2-43-07 AM_0139 by waxpancake

One day after the marathon we spent the morning in Cambria, California where we were married over nine years ago! I'm wearing two t-shirts. Underneath is my Eat Like You Give A Damn shirt from Herbivore and on top is my Nike Finisher's tee! Skirt is from Target- little girls plaid mini with built-in shorts! Brilliant! Knee highs also from Target and navy Converse. And my favorite Fendi sunglasses. Eliot is almost as tall as me!!

10-14-2008 2-52-29 AM_0004 by waxpancake

Pre-marathon outfit to hang with Eliot in: Tarina Tarantino heart necklace, heart and sky thermal from Nordstrom, Old Navy Girls hoodie dress, Splendid leggings and the fav boots again!

What are you wearing?

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Are you taking a vacation this summer (or this season)?  Where are you headed and who's going with you?

we are going to portland, seattle, santa rosa, mammoth and maui in the next few months. plus hopefully a fun los angles weekend for dinner, disneyland and family.

clothes! today i wore my pink vox t shirt! yesterday i had on a simple red t with a tiny little pocket. wednesday i wore a baby pink h&m t with a brown nest tank from doe. tuesday i wore my sweats all day, we had gym class so i had on my dark blue nike sweats and an amy tangerine 'go' t. monday i had on a button up that i got in portland when i was shopping with lydia. and if your reading this lydia, i don't think i'm going to keep it. it feels a little too bit costumey-rock-a-billy to me. and i've also worn my marc by marc jacobs red thermal with blue flowers on it and my love all creatures great and small t this week.

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When you were younger, did your parents ever send you away for the summer?  What was the experience like?
Brought to you by the movie Georgia Rule.

when i was 15 i went to europe for 5 1/2 weeks with my step-grandmother and brother. we flew from seattle to madrid, stayed in salamanca and took a train to el ferrol. next we flew to london, took a hover craft across the english channel, spent time in france, belguim, amsterdam, germany, austria, switzerland and italy. i felt so lucky. i met beautiful people, got to hang out with my brother, got to see so many things. i certainly felt worldly and a little amazing when i returned. starting 10th grade that fall had seemed like such a big deal before the trip. but upon returning i just felt different. tom robbins said in jitterbug perfume, "perhaps the most terrible (or wonderful) thing that can happen to an imaginative youth, aside from the curse (or blessing) of imagination itself is to be exposed without preparation to the life outside of his or her own sphere- the sudden revelation that there is a there out there." that's what it felt like for me and it was wonderful.

today we went to santa cruz and ate at cafe la vie and got dessert from black china bakery. i wore a tee from threadless, light blue with a puzzle block heart and a norma kamali striped shrug.

eliot kept on saying happy birthday to me today and he once said happy mother's day to daddy. pretty cute!

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Tell us about a lesson you had to learn the hard way.

i think i once heard someone say when someone shows you who they are believe them. lesson learned over and over again. details aren't even necessary. and it's an ongoing lesson, because i can't help but hope.

clothing: today i wore my emerge kindness heals orange top. yesterday i wore my new h&m dress. it was only $12.99, andy said, money well spent, he liked it a lot. sunday i wore my urban outfitters please don't eat me tee that has a pig on it. saturday i wore stuff i've worn before.  

side note: i watched 'this american life' on showtime on sunday night, so i don't know when it originally aired, but the crew was on a pig farm. a factory, rather. the sound guy was so horrified by what he saw that at the program end the voice over announced he hadn't had meat since they filmed. the truth is powerful and can be life altering.

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so my clothing experiment is going fairly well, i think. i have cheated a couple of times. for one i shopped in ojai, which i previously revealed. secondly, i bought a pair of black ag angel cords because they were on sale and i love them so. in addition on the same website i bought the cords, in order to get free shipping i just had to spend a little bit more, and i got sucked in and bought a super girl tee. lastly, i cheated a few days ago after getting am email from victoria's secret that some dresses i've had my eye on were on sale plus free shipping. in a moment of weakness (and stress) i grabbed a few. and a bonus treat was a butterfly bikini from jcrew that i bought to celebrate passing my personal trainer exam. eek! there was one more, also last week i was at target and bought a little white baby doll top with pockets and buttons. oh my, i don't think i should go on, i just remembered i went to the city two weeks ago and at h&m with my friend amy and i was enchanted by the low prices and newness and companionship (excuse excuses!) so i picked up a dress, a pink tee, a pair of brown shorts and a grey and pink striped mini dress. i am so weak when it comes to shopping! oh man, i just recalled another purchase at the gap of a pair of black shorts. it was hot and all my shorts don't fit! i have a lot of size sixes and with a belt it's not baggy cute, it's baggy ridiculous when i need a zero.

well, after taking a loose count of the items in my closet i have yet to wear, i could probably go another four months (it's already been a bit over two).

over the last few days i've worn my amy tangerine bliss top, a grey glitter dumbo tee from disneyland, i bought about four years ago i think. and today i wore my white thermal (again) and my old navy grey v-neck hoodie sweater, which i also think i've worn before. i've had to become much more organized in my crazy closet since i am in it full on now.  i recently separated everything into sections of what i've worn from what i haven't.

i'm baring my soul and closet here and clearly i need help. i know, i know i'm only cheating myself! i really, really don't want to start over again. and i've worn quite a few things over again because they're personal favorites.

i do feel like this process is helpful. for the most part, i've been a little more creative with my purchases and outfits. wish me luck. because as you see i need it.  

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What websites do you visit every day?
Submitted by Chez Michelle.

andy just set up google feedreader for me. in fact he insisted upon it. telling me i just had to have it. well, now it's like  crack and my computer time has just gotten out of hand. i have a love/hate relationship with this concept. andy said it would save time but what has happened is he set my computer up with every single shopping-food-entertainment-blah-blah-blah blog i've ever bookmarked. it's crazy.

i read… tori amos stuff, shopping stuff, gossip stuff, vegan food stuff, fitness stuff, treehugger…. the list is long.

clothing: belle and sebastian tee today. yesterday green hoodie.

feeling pretty blue today my grandma amelia is in the hospital. just been waiting by the phone for updates.   

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If you could pick a cartoon world to live in, which would it be?  Why?
Submitted by Scio, Scio.

how about the cartoon sequence in the 1980 film, xanadu. this way i could become a fairy, a bird and a fish.

clothes: tops i've worn lately, my owl tank, fruit stripes top from anthropologie, it must be love tee by amy tangerine, pink angel tee from urban outfitters, greyish v-neck tee from old navy… i'm sure i'll think of more later.

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a little late for earth day but nonetheless sincere these are the things i've changed to start living greener everyday!

but first, since buying a big volvo suv in december, which i felt very good about at the time because weren't driving very much and i like a big safe family car that i can pack all of our stuff in for road trips. and then about 5 weeks after purchasing the big suv i got a job and i commute, eek! this is not a commuter vehicle. i feel guilty about my comfort and safety and that sucks, not to mention the wretched gas prices in california. so my solutions to guilt and to minimize my "footprint" as they say here's my short list:

as of yesterday i am officially vegan!

i bought a big SIGG water container to carry with me, no more little plastic bottles. eliot has one too.

shorter showers, especially in our old home, one of our showers takes forever to get hot so that shower will now be used minimally.

i unplug electronics that aren't in use

we use seventh generation diapers

we use seventh generation recycled paper towels

i use cloth napkins everyday

i buy biodegradable  household cleaning products

i buy organic produce/foods

i recycle my old running shoes

we recycle more then ever at home

we walk where ever we can

andy's commuting on the train more

we only run the dishwasher when it's about to explode because it's so full!

i finally have some tote bags to bring to the grocery store!

i plan on going to our local farmers market next weekend when it reopens for the season

we buy into our local green energy company

so that's what i can think of off the top of my head. so my wish is for everyone to go just a little green. green is beautiful!

clothing: yesterday i wore my bay area boot camp light blue tank under my baby gap preppy blue argyle sweater vest, i love that thing. today i have on a pink t with tiny dinosaurs on it, plaid patchwork shorts, brown belt and brown born platform sandals.

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What is your home decorating style, and how has it changed over time? Do you have plans to redecorate? 
Submitted by enSue.

i think i hold back to much in my decorating style. i'm really into minimalism and modern. and andy tends to be afraid of this being too cold so i end up adding shapes and colors that aren't my first choice. my other reason for holding back is that i've always been waiting to do what i truly want to do for the house we own/build.

so i like simple but i also like little bits of lovely personality with photos, art, sentimental pieces, but not cluttered. as i design my dream house i'll be incorporating built-ins and shelves, places for art, big windows. i start salivating at the thought. i really want to design a home for us.

clothing! on monday i ended up with a third outfit! i put on a lacy white tank layered under a marc by marc jacobs tunic top and true religion dark jeans with the woman patch on the butt. tuesday i wore my charolette i love you red and white striped tee and jeans to eliot's new gym class! wednesday i did camp consultations and had on my white tank under my lamb pirate ship tee, marc by marc jacobs green gauchos and black boots. in the evening i went to an amazing event* with eliot in menlo park and wore a lovely black top with satin covered buttons on the 3/4 length sleeves, a key hole back and fitted, jeans rolled to my knees with tall black boots.

*roz savage gave an inspiring talk telling her atlantic ocean tale and answering questions. eliot even got to touch her big boat!!

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