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Have you ever had a dream that came true? 
Submitted by rescout.

too many to list but a few that come to mind…

i dreamed of andy before i met him
i dreamed of eliot and that i was pregnant before i knew
i dreamed of my childhood friend, rhonda  after she had passed… too many details
i dreamed of my great aunt after her passing and she told me what she had left for my cousins and me
i dreamed recently of another great aunt after her passing
i dreamed andy and his whole family were piling into a big van to take care of his grandmother because she was sick,
a few days after i found out she was indeed sick
i've dreamed of seeing people i hadn't for a long time and then i do
i've dreamed about what new babies look like and i've been right

clothing: friday:free people empire wasted top with hearts all over it, jeans. saturday: purple james perse tunic/tee as a mini dress, black wool tights, black boots. sunday: free  people butterfly thermal with contrasting sleeves, ag angel cords and borns. monday: free people owl scoop neck thermal, ag cords, rocketgirl hoody, green new balance kicks. second monday outfit: harajuku lovers bunny short sleeved hoody sweatshirt and jeans (park with eliot!)

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Girl, boy, game you should have won, job you should have gotten…tell us about one that got away. 
Submitted by Phil.

i always get everything i want. i've always thought that way and will continue to. if it has somehow slipped by i guess i didn't truly want it.

clothes! wednesday i wore a betsey johnson white eyelet jacket, a black cotton ruffle top, a butterfly skirt and green platform borns. thursday was a pajamas clean up the house day. while cleaning out my closet i realized i've worn a couple tees and they haven't been noted so i must list my vegetarians have more fun tee from urban outfitters and ny love love love tee from delia's.

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What's in a screen/user name? Tell us how you found yours.
Submitted by Bill.

i came up with heartshapedsky last summer after i started making my little heart-shaped pillow necklaces. which i haven't made any in recent months because i've been studying for my american council on exercise personal trainer exam, which i PASSED today! i am officially a personal trainer! so exciting. less studying means more time to play with eliot and andy and train myself and be creative.

for my test today i had to wear my trunk wonder woman thermal!

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What is your favorite term of endearment? 
Submitted by lostdwarf.

andy often says "hey doll" to me and i like that one. i call andy and eliot "love" most of the time.

friday: yellow puff sleeve tee from h&m, joe jeans, born heels
saturday: betsey johnson red and white polka-dot bikini
sunday:puella mini dress with green tree pater, h&m white bloomers
monday:green owl tee, long brown gaucho sweats
tuesday:green hoodie sweatshirt and stripey pants from victoria's secret

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warning: boring clothing post

today:joe jeans, baby blue tank and puella thermal with a leaves pattern.
yesterday:susana monaco deep purple mini dress, stripey socks and black knee high boots
tuesday:i went for a run with eliot. i wore my stella mccartney runner's top and sweats.
monday:ughhhh, i can't remember!

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What's the last compliment you gave and/or received?
Submitted by MalieKai.

this morning i lead boot camp with a workout that i programmed. the owner of the company beside me the entire hour. she's great and gives good feedback, but nevertheless, my boss. any way, at the end of the session a veteran camper said she loved my workout and that it was terrific! yeah for me, right in front of the boss!

clothing: yesterday sweats and play t-shirt. saturday, dark blue tee from urban outfitters, blue angel cords, orange and yellow hello kitty tarina tarantino necklace and orange fluevogs. last thursday hello kitty unicef tee, jeans and red shoes, and friday i'm drawing a  blank, i think we stayed at home.

this clothing project is getting difficult. i  took a few minutes this weekend to rearrange my closet, separating what i've worn and what i haven't. tricky. the weather is getting warmer and i don't want to wait until i wear all of my sweaters… any way it's challenging keeping organized but i'm hoping my vox blog will keep it somewhat under control.

eliot and andy went to great america yesterday. they rode the merry-go-round, rollercoaster, the log ride and more. e's very tired today and had a blast with daddy.

yesterday andy and eliot were in the kitchen when eliot came running out to tattle tale on daddy, he told me,  "mommy, daddy's not listening to me." oh  my   goodness….what did my 2 1/2 year old just say? in fact, even worse, last week when eliot was throwing a fit for something he paused and said, "you don't love me." my mouth dropped open and i started laughing and tickling him and asked him over and over, "are you kidding me?" he tried not to smile and then would smile and then try not to again. i told him, "you have got to be kidding me, you know mommy loves you so much and more than anything!" luckily this ended the fit, but oh my he is surprising me more and more lately.

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In your ultimate dream house, what does your favorite room look like?

i love modern clean design. my dream room looks similar to the current dwell magazine cover. i think it would have reddish-orange walls, high ceilings, cork flooring, curved openings to adjoining rooms. in the center of the main living would be a large atrium with a swing, a hammock and a large dining table with 10 chairs. simple green plants, maybe a small herb garden, gravel, large stone pathway, a fountain. it would all be a part of the main living area. sliding pocket windowed doors all around for easy access and fresh air.

it's one of my dreams to design and build a home for us. i want a rock climbing wall, a gym, an art space, office, bedrooms, modern open kitchen (part of the living area i described before), a couple bathrooms… so exciting. i've started a sketch book with drawings and clippings, mostly from dwell, that i hope one day i'll be pouring over with a talented architect and my husband and eliot!

outfits: yesterday i wore sweats at home. sunday i wore an army green hummingbird tee with a crocheted orange tank dress over it and my brown angel cords and sunday night i put on a white tank with my cords and one of my heartshapedsky necklaces (andy said i looked smokin') .  

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outfits: today i wore all purple again, the same outfit i wore in ojai. yesterday was a long walk to the park in a brown tank, stripey belt and seven jeans. and the day before was my marc by marc jacobs smile dot top.

so i wore the same outfit twice already and i shopped in ojai and i did buy a pair of booty shorts for $10 the other day. which i totally said don't even count, because you know, they're $10 booty shorts. i'm not  sure  i'll  ever  wear them outside.  and i  feel  these  posts  are probably a  bit boring…  is my  experiment over after just one month? no, i'm going to keep going and i'll keep documenting it here because it is convenient.

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What, to you, is the first sign of spring? Have you seen it yet?
Submitted by Spy.

there is a fresh smell in the air in the park really early in the morning. the flowers are opening and grass is greener.
it's been beautiful lately.

lately eliot and i have been playing a game where we say back and forth to each other, "i love you" and "no, i love you."  over and over.

clothing:today i wore my new tee and ag angel cords! yesterday i wore a red and white stripey tee from target under a black marc by marc jacobs dress, jeans and red patent mary janes. andy said i looked like a harajuku girl.

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eliot loves to climb and it is both cute and frightening. at the park he just goes for it, at times while chanting under his breath, "gonna trick mommy", cause he knows i get nervous.
 my little baby is quickly becoming a little boy before my eyes. this morning the answer to my repeated question, "what would you like for breakfast?" was a dinosaur's roar. last night while andy was changing him into jammies i had to run and grab the camera in order to capture king crazy eliot standing on top of his changing table, half-dressed, yelling "crocodile punching!" over and over. his face all tough and silly and his body throwing pretend punches at daddy's face.
he also loves to open his arms wide and run while pretending he's an airplane. and we play chase at the park on the basketball courts because he likes running on the newly painted white lines. when i catch him his giggle is sweet and infectious.
but for the last three nights when i put him in his crib and sing his goodnight song he asks me if mommy can get in the crib too. you know there's a part of me that wants to and i totally fit and i've done it before. but i have to tell him it's his special bed and blah, blah, blah. and he says i love you mommy and hits his own little chest and says, "the love's in here." and i run back to tell andy stories of our day that make my heart swell and burst.

clothing for the past few days:sat:love green tank with an orangey viney grey tunic over it and jeans. sun:i heart new york rainbow tee. mon:grey splendid long sleeved tee layered under a blue ballet style top with a baby pink bird on it (bought this at doe last year on my birthday) and jeans and glittery pink flats. i changed into a grey tank (from urban outfitters) and black converse when e and i went to the park.

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