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yesterday eliot and i went to a take out only restuarant called que seraw seraw. it is all raw vegan food and the owner was behind the counter preparing all of the wonderous food with a sweet assistant. e and i shared an almond banana milk. he loved it so much that he wouldn't let me hold it. the majority of it ended up on the sidewalk outside. eliiot said,"i'm sorry i spilled it mommy." so cute.

i also picked up lasagna, rawkin cheese dip, kale salad, nori sushi rolls, pizza, chocolate cheese cake and coconut cheese cake. so far everything has been so amazing. this is truly my favorite kind of food. my plan is to go by once a  week and pick up a couple days worth of lunches and dinners. i am over the moon excited. knowing that the food i eat is so alive and nourishing makes me feel great and the small portions are unbelievably filling.

by the way, eliot is yummy and loving and amazing. we looked at some of his baby pictures yesterday and seeing himself as this tiny squishy baby and andy and i cuddling him in almost every picture, compelled eliot to through his little arms around my neck and proclaim, "i love you mommy!"  that was quite a moment for me. my little tiny baby now with his sweet big heart able to express how he feels.

outfit for today: ojai yoga peace tank, true religion torn jeans and pink converse.

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happy birthday to hazel and lydia! two angels!

outfits sincelast week:

friday:h&m striped button up (deep v-neck, 3/4 length sleeves), green tank layered over it, joe's jeans, black boots.
night:favorite little brown dress, stripey socks,black boots and marc by marc jacobs dot coat

saturday:light yellow tank, green jumper style dress, and brown fairy fluevogs

sunday:blue ag angel cords, tank from anthropologie with birds and trees on it, and birks

monday:deep purple tank, deep purple sg angel cords, and an apron crocheted sweater dress in lavender and at night i changed out of my tank into a white tee with little pof sleeves

tuesday:"i need performance enhancing hugs" green fila tee, nike exercise pants and new balance black zips

today: seven for all mankind jeans and a light blue "just believe" tee

so i was on vacation and i gave myself a pass to shop at my favorite spot in ojai, bhavantu. the owner's name is cathrine and she is so lovely that each time i see her i think i've ended up buying somethings. and i have another pass in my hot little hands because i just received a gift card to anthropologie from my brother, sis-in-law and fam. trouble trouble.

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What's one of your favorite quotes? 
Submitted by Georgie-boy

there are so many quotes that are coming to mind that this QotD from yesterday, i am attempting to answer today. so i'm going with albert einstein who said, "imagination is everything. it is the preview of life's coming attractions." i find this quote very exciting, i think it's a challenge; to dream bigger and see more clearly. i think it's a challenge to be kinder and more colorful. on a personal note, for example for some reason, probably cause i'm 32 years old, i feel i must fight my inner rainbow brite while getting dressed each day. but why do i want to fight her? who is going to care what i wear? as long as i shine with love and acceptance for myself and in turn others, does it matter if i do that in rainbow stripey socks?
i want to day dream about world peace now and a yummy food tonight. i want to imagine health and wealth of spirit for everyone. i will witness love unfolding every moment in my mind for everyone. and i'll be imagining it and doing it every day!

today i wore a stripey brown button up dress shirt, with a brown tee from threadless layered on top of it. the tee has a mass of pillows in a big grouchy fight all over it (andy bought it for me for christmas). also, my brown ag angel cords, pink, red and blue argyle socks and brown converse.

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What was your favorite game to play at recess in grade school? 
Submitted by Elisheva Chana.

spin the bottle. just kidding i just liked to swing and swing and swing. i do remember flipping around on the monkey bars a lot and doing "penny drops".

outfits: yesterday lounging around, dark green super long gaucho pants and a white tank with birds and trees in colorful patters from anthropologie. today i wore my old seven jeans with my red patent leather mary janes, black and white striped socks, and up on top a deep green t with a free people red tank layered over it. the tank has tiny panda bears and green shrubs all over it.

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Which household chores do you most/least enjoy?
Submitted by falcon.kmc.

because i have such a great interest in nutrition i'm becoming more interested in cooking, which is great. if only i could get my meat eating husband to enjoy vegie-eating more.

and actual chores, nope i try to leave the dirty work to my wonderful maid who comes twice a month.

outfits from yesterday: out to lunch with a friend i wore a chocolate brown mini dress (i paid $7 for it at nordstrom rack!), stripey socks and knee high wedge brown boots. i carried a brownish, orangey, and green sweater coat for when it got breezy. last night we went to the flickr 333 party and i wore my slendid brown long sleeved tee and brown tights layered under a thin sweater dress (from forever 21) with a deep v-neck and the same brown boots.

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What is your current obsession(s)?
Submitted by eijsr.

i was just talking to my brother last night about my obsessive tendencies. (one of the reasons i'm on a shopping hiatus.)

any way, i think i've previously fessed up on all my obsessions but in a nut shell here are some encores: parenting, love, food, exercise, chocolate, clothing…

i'm with my amazing son every day and he's funny and smart and full of love so the pay off for being obsessed with him is awesome.

i love my husband and my son each and every moment and i do wish i could spend more time with the husband.

food! what can i say? i love to find delicious food that makes me feel fantastic and strong!

exercise, pretty much 5 days a week and coach others in their fitness adventures 5 days a week.

ofcourse, chocolate every single day.

clothing is an outlet for creativity every day and i still look at all my shopping sites for inspiration not consumption!

by the way, my outfits have been a bit boring but i've got to document so here goes: wednesday, blue vintagey jcrew hoodie sweatshirt with blue ag angel cords (playdate for eliot) and brown converse. thursday outing to ikea with the boy, same blue ag angel cords, a brown tissue weight long sleeved hoodie tee from victoria's secret, a blueish zip up umpire waist cardigan from urban outfitters and my love camper flats. today was a play at the park day with eliot. so i had on my ag angel jeans, brown belt, hot pink and brown striped thermal hoodie henley from old navy, my lovely plaid little girl's coat from target and my green new balance kicks.

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If you could write like one fiction author, who would it be?
Submitted by Marilyn.

i'm so predictable, ofcourse i have to answer tom robbins. he's an aquired taste for some but i jumped head first into his cotten candy, mushroom taking, andy warhol collecting, surreal-crazy-smart cloud on the first page of the first tom robbins book i ever read, still life with woodpecker.

side note, eliot cracks me up. he's been saying, "that's interest." when he means, 'that's interesting." and when i was cleaning off his highchair the other day he said, "mama, you're a good cleaner."

another side note for clothing. the last two days i've been in my pajamas because i haven't felt well, but today eliot and i will go out. so i am wearing my plum ag angel cords, a thermal with apple/hearts all over it in greens and purples and a purple old navy tank layered on top.  

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What are your favorite weird food combinations?
Submitted by Dulce.

i've mentioned here before that i eat oatmeal with dark chocolate in it every single morning. i also add ground flax seed meal and usually some fruit. a banana or heated berries. this is a heavenly meal.

i also love to make a mess of greens in a pot. i love collards, kale, chard, and spinach with cannellini beans, red pepper, broccoli, garlic and whatever else sounds good at the moment. my sister liked it when i made it for her, but andy not so much.

outfit for today is my seven dojo jeans, again! a white thermal layerd under a bold orange and white striped short sleeved cashmere sweater, a thick chunky orange scarf with a pink, yellow and white argyle design, and orange and white jon fluevog shoes.

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yesterday i wore a fitted brown long sleeved v-neck tee from old navy, with a necklace i made, a white and fuscia scarf from urban outfitters, seven for all mankind jeans, and brown italian suede clogs.

today i'm wearing ag angel jeans, a white jcrew long sleeved tissue tee under a grey paul and joe for target wool sweater with a baby pink ballerina on it, and black camper sneaker mary jane heels.

for the last four days i've included something in my outfit that i've never worn before. that is why i'm doing this!

oh! and i told andy today there is one exception to my rule. if i need anything for boot camp i'm going ahead and buying it, because when it's 35 degrees outside i may need a puffy coat and some new gloves!

 i can't believe i need a puffy coat. i can't believe i'm going to wear a puffy coat. and my butt needs a puffy coat, literally, i come home after camp and it takes my booty the longest to thaw out.

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so if you know me you know that i shop too much. and i shop everywhere. i shop at boutiques online and inperson. i shop at old navy. i shop at target. i love clothes. lovvvvvve them. but, i spend too much money and often don't get around to wearing the stuff i buy for way too long after i purchase it. i've been thinking for awhile that i need to go on a shopping hiatus. so i finally came up with something that would inspire me in my closets and when i am tempted to shop. like i said, if you know me, this is huge for me. i've decided to give myself a wardrobe challenge. and it is simply this: i must wear every single piece of clothing i own before i can allow myself to buy another item. and if i am tempted and buy an article of clothing, i have to start the entire process all over again!

i started as of yesterday, tuesday february 20. i wore a brown long sleeved sweater/thermal layered under a short sleeved thermal tee with a brown heart on it, brown angel cords and my campers love flats. and a marc by marc jacobs redish hoodie fake fur lined jacket.

today i wore a red and white long sleeved tee and grey cable knit cropped sweater cardigan, both by proenza schouler  for target, seven for all mankind dojo jeans dark wash, and red patent leather maryjane flats.

andy and i were joking that this could take me like 6 months! wish me luck! seriously, wish me luck.

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