*Green smoothie- spinach, coconut milk (not raw), strawberries, a banana and msm.
*Lunch- Yummy Tummy's raw Thai salad (made with cabbage, carrots and nut dressing, I think) with my own farmer's market asparagus.
*Snack- banana, goji berries, and a piece of raw chocolate.
***Workout with Eben- shaking sore after!
*Put the last 20 ounces of green smoothie from this morning into the blender and added more spinach, more strawberries and spirulina.

Goji berries & Spirulina:

4-30-2009 12-43-02 PM_0237 by waxpancake

4-30-2009 12-42-49 PM_0236 by waxpancake

*Dinner: Yummy Tummy's "pasta" with kale. Which is zucchini, tomatoes, and spices. I dumped nutritional yeast on it too! Dessert was a Coracao mini chocolate.

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