What is your current obsession(s)?
Submitted by eijsr.

i was just talking to my brother last night about my obsessive tendencies. (one of the reasons i'm on a shopping hiatus.)

any way, i think i've previously fessed up on all my obsessions but in a nut shell here are some encores: parenting, love, food, exercise, chocolate, clothing…

i'm with my amazing son every day and he's funny and smart and full of love so the pay off for being obsessed with him is awesome.

i love my husband and my son each and every moment and i do wish i could spend more time with the husband.

food! what can i say? i love to find delicious food that makes me feel fantastic and strong!

exercise, pretty much 5 days a week and coach others in their fitness adventures 5 days a week.

ofcourse, chocolate every single day.

clothing is an outlet for creativity every day and i still look at all my shopping sites for inspiration not consumption!

by the way, my outfits have been a bit boring but i've got to document so here goes: wednesday, blue vintagey jcrew hoodie sweatshirt with blue ag angel cords (playdate for eliot) and brown converse. thursday outing to ikea with the boy, same blue ag angel cords, a brown tissue weight long sleeved hoodie tee from victoria's secret, a blueish zip up umpire waist cardigan from urban outfitters and my love camper flats. today was a play at the park day with eliot. so i had on my ag angel jeans, brown belt, hot pink and brown striped thermal hoodie henley from old navy, my lovely plaid little girl's coat from target and my green new balance kicks.

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