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list of tattoos i would've wanted around 8 years old
*a unicorn
*a fairy
*hello kitty
*a rainbow
*a lisa frank image

at 16 years old
*tori amos lyrics
*a shadow person
*a swirly flower
*a butterfly

at 20 years old (when i did decide on that shadow person and heart that is on my left shoulder blade)
*a white daisy
*a butterfly
*a fairy

at 26- when i was really considering it again
*same as at 20

at 32 i really want another tattoo. i want something small and girly. bird, stars, a mermaid, a cupcake. something sweet. i also love the idea of changing my green shadow person tattoo into a green fairy much like the old disney images. i'm open to ideas! anyone?

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What is your favorite children's movie?

"the neverending story" is so wonderful. the little boy in the strange dark space alone with this magical book coming alive in his hands. i wanted to be the child like empress helped by bastian to find her name.

also "the muppet movie". i still love the music. "someday we'll find it the rainbow conection, the lovers, the dreamers and me."
i need to add "the point" narrated by ringo starr and written by harry nilsson. i could listen to this soundtrack only probably for forever. and finally disney's "sleeping beauty" the faeries, the dragon and the beautiful princess and brave prince. but again it comes back to music, the lyric, "i know you i walked with you once upon a dream" resonates deeply for me.

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